Lung function test help needed!!

Hi all,

Just had my results through from my LFT and cardiac test and was hoping for some help interpreting what they actually mean for me, I have tried to look it up but left confused by al the medical jargon! a bit of a back story I am a 29yr old brittle asthmatic, never diagnosed with COPD apart from not breathing very well there is little all else wrong with me :)

Apparently I have marked obstruction? FEV1 49%, FVC 86%, Small airway flow (FEF 25-75) 14%,

Lung volumes indicate air trapping? TLC 116%, Residual volume of 188%, RV/TLC 146%, DLCO 69% correcting to 89%, Raised ENO of 32.7 ppb.

Any ideas????

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When are you next seeing your consultant or GP? If you have not got an appointment you must get one. We are not doctors and cannot interpret your tests. It really is down to your medical team. Having said that, yes, there does seem to be an obstructive disease, possible small airways involvement and significant air trapping. But please see a doctor.

All the best and let us know how things go.


P.S. Just looked back at your posts. Did you get a referral to RBH?

Hi, Thank you for your reply, I recently relocated to the south west and after a visit to my asthma nurse to introduce myself she referred me to the respiratory specialist here who asked for the tests to be done as the results on file were 6/7 yrs old after I was intubated for a bad attack.

I will ring the GP on Monday but got the results through this morning but being a Saturday I very much doubt any one will be available, me being me I will just be stressing all weekend!

No referral to RBH. Thank you again for your help x

hi poorlykat... i can only help you with one.. your fev1 says you have 49% of your lung capacity left from a 100% that you would of had if there was nothing wrong with you.

there are members on here that can interprete all those figers and have done so many times on here...but they are not reading post every day.

its very wrong the way they do things and leave people to worry where they are.

if its any help to you i was diagnosed with Copd and asthma 3 years ago with a fev1 of 50%, but by stoping smoking and regular exercise it has gone up to 73%.

easyer said then done but try not get to stressed you will know where you are very soon.

T C.

Thank you Keepers, I have a feeling a COPD diagnosis is coming as I already on spiriva respimat and montelukast alongside my inhalers. Nice to hear it can be improved with lifestyle :)

A few of us on here interpret LFT results, for the usual presentation- people 20+ years older than you and without a relatively complex diagnosis, usually an ex smoker and even then with caveats.

And, often not agreed upon.

Best to discuss your results with your specialist or ring the BLF helpline if you are anxious.

Did they have you do a pre and post Ventolin or the like inhaler? If so what was the pre FEV1% and what was the post FEV1%?

no pre and post ventolin performed, I was expecting a low feV1% due to a lot of trouble with my asthma/bronchitus from early childhood. I am however really worried about the 14% small airway flow as this figure seems REALLY low. I have an appt today with a nurse so will see what she can make of it all?! Thank you for your help x

I believe the pre and post bronchodilator would show whether the majority of your problems are related to asthma and/or some other condition. if the FEV1% shows significant improvement after a bronchodilator that shows reversibility as opposed to permanent impairment if there is no improvement.

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