All Was GOING Well Till DUP Teamed Up With Tories THEN I Sufferd A Panic Attack

I wish I was joking but sadly was not AND nearly had me A+E.

Why my blood pressures (sys)148 - 96 (dia) makes me so ill my doctor can't answer.

Is horrendus YET they think it's panic attacks anxiety .. guess it could be :o

Why the just come on is inconvenient to say the least UNLESS it was election outcome anticapation.

Anyway my doctor said I can't have beta blockers becouse of inhalers on and can't have antidepressants .

Guess am going to have to try and not get worked up.

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  • Jeff.i have calcium blockers for high bp,which supposedly are far more safer than beta blockers,though not for respitory reasons i am on various inhalers like many on this site and there does not seem to be any contra indictions in using both and my bp is now might be worth having another chat with your GP.I fear after last nights fiasco that you may need to find the eqivalent to antideptessants quite quickly>good luck friend

  • Hi cheers was just reading up on ace inhibitors I no doctors game you have to high bp continuous but mine resolves after 20 mins.

    But last night was worse ever .. sweat was running off me and was clammy shaky after but before that my foot was ichy and then my neck was all ichy.

    Horrendous was and I looked like bottle of tomato ketchup was that red n hot

    Don't think ever heard read about calcium blockers tho BUT am going to see lung doc about it all.

  • live in hope Jeff, yesterday we took a step towards a fairer society 😁. My breathing eased a little until the postman brought my PIP home visit date. That sure spoilt my day 😞.

  • Hi dall05 sorry to brake bad news but Tories & DUP agreement coalition is ilegal and breach of Good Friday Agreement :O

    Sorry about pip this no end to it :(

  • Oh dear if anything they sound worse than the tories. I must admit to having a good giggle at their expense this morning.

  • I believe that Theresa,s bullet points were "Strong & Stable",but by morning time it was "Weak"and "Whose left the bloody Stable door opened because the horse has gone and most of our seats have been knicked",xx

  • Yep by us xx

  • Take it easy JAS, let's hope things work out well and for the best.......not quite sure how though! 😳😧👍

  • Are politics allowed on HealthUnlocked? If so, I will unsubscribe.

  • That's a shame as politics has so much to do with everything, especially our health. We can't live in a chesty bubble. As long as we are polite and it doesn't turn into a bun fight, personally I can't see any reason why something so important cannot be discussed in a rational manner.

    Be of good heart Jeff. You are not alone.


  • Well said cofdrop-UK . Some political decisions do impact on health and discussions about these can be helpful. Keep it polite folks and remember this post is primarily about JAS' health. If there are too many off-topic replies they will be deleted.

  • I am inclined to agree with Sapper 21. We get enough on the t.v. To me this is for health problems tempered with some humour and photos to help cheer one another up.

    Whichever way we lean I think there is a place for everything and this is not the place for politics. Rosabeth.

  • But, Rosabeth, politics affects every single aspect of our lives. It's a major interest of mine. If I see posts which don't interest me, e.g. pets, gardens etc, I scroll past. Personally I'd like to see fewer of those, but it's not for me to censor other people's posts. As mrsm says, the important thing is that we are polite to each other & don't go off topic (and it was Jeff who mentioned the DUP.)

  • JAS mentioned it in respect of the impact it had on his health. :)

  • With respect, Hannah, this forum is for us to compare our lung condition worries. I am surprised at admin's answer to a politcial post, advising us to scroll past them if we don't agree with them.

  • Political decisions have a big impact on the way our health service works and what service we receive and, as such, are a suitable subject for discussion on here. As Jeff said, this impacted on his health in a negative way.

    Mrsmummy asked that any discussion was kept polite and on topic. She never mentioned scrolling past, though that option is always there and is preferable to causing an argument.

  • Hi Jeff, you will need to calm down, we can't have beta blockers your dr is right, the airways don't like them :) Some antidepressants can help pain but then people think you are depressed not in pain, oh it does work I tried them in low dose and they reduced the pain ( antidepressants I mean ). Now the other day my BP was over 200 at the walk in clinic but ignored it and I am still here . I am on a months trial without BP pills because of side effects. However my uric acid levels are still higher than normal for female. So as the young ones say Stay cool its sods law we can have aheart attack from taking pills as well as if we don't. Your BP is not too high if you were worked up. Take care and thanks for link.

  • I'm from the US and I understand TOTALLY about having panic attacks over political issues. I seem to stay upset lately with what our president is making of our country. I have to take deep breaths and just back away from all news sites and social media for a few days. Otherwise I get so upset I feel horrible physically.

    I hope you do see your doctor and get sorted out with your blood pressure!

  • I used to turn on the radio first thing when I woke up and listen to the I play peace chants music CDs as I was getting so annoyed and upset by the news.....breathing got worse!

    I wait now until later for the news, and do what I can.

    Has your GP offered a talking therapy for you Jeff...I am looking at CBT and Mindfulness .

    Take care.

  • just been reading that high blood pressure is the biggest killer worldwide...but i do read a lot so i must sometimes read things that are not true.

    i have high blood pressure and take herbesser and olmetec to help lower it. i also try to avoid stressful things like the news on the tv... so out went the tv from the bedroom. if your post didnt mention election i wouldn't of know there was one.

    meditation works wonders..have a rest and think of the best.

  • I hope you have managed to calm down now, Jeff, and are feeling better. (((HUGS)))

  • Ask your gp for a psychology services referral. They can provide you with stress coping techniques (nothing like pouring your soul out on American tv). In the meantime try mindfulness or meditation (apps) , I've tried simple habit for a few days and although I'm not sure if the free content will remain free after 10 days, it helps somewhat. In my case it helps to relax while listening and for a while after, but it could possibly help with your short term, stress related blood pressure problems. All the best I was so hopeful untill the "coalition" emerged :/. On the plus side in two years you may seek refugee status in EU ;).

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