Any one had monotole test

Hi hope your all doing good today 🤗. I was at respiratory specialist for a second opinion,I felt completely like I was being a problem and he couldn't be bothered. Wouldn't tell me what the results were at my breathing test then said I was to go for another one similar but this time I'll be breathing something called monitole. He didn't talk much but when I tried to ask anything he cut me off I felt very uncomfortable and nervous, he only lifted his head up to look at me once and said... the problems your having now are due to your smoking for so many years. He didn't even examine me or ask how my problems effects me. After sitting writing and taking to his students he said I'll see you in 2 months and hope to get all the answers you need. I asked again why this breathing test was needed he said because he wanted to try and test for things other drs hadn't.As usual I felt so unwell that day and didn't have it in me to try and even get a partial answer of what he thought could be wrong I wanted to ask him so many things but came out feeling defeated, upset, and annoyed at myself, he even blamed me for missing my appointment with Physio when I was the one sitting for over an hour waiting to see her but turned out she was off sick ! . He arranged for blood tests and 5 different sputum samples but I don't know what he's looking for. And when I got my appointment it wasn't for 2 months it been changed to 4 months . More waiting and wondering, and I'm on antibiotics and steroids again for my chest my own dr agreed with specialist that my immune systems probably low , but he also said in a passing comment he still strongly felt I had fibrosis and we can chat about it once I go into see him ( my gp) sorry I've came on and had a moan again I suppose like you all I'd like to feel better and I'm sleeping most of the time at the moment, maybe due to this infection and the coughing is worse than ever. Back to start can anyone tell me what this test is about. Thanks for listening and thanks for being here 🌹Xx

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  • hi shazrab..are you.sure you have the right spelling.. i tried to find it on google but no results for that spelling.

    there is monotone, but i dont know if you can check your breathing by sound.

  • Thanks keepers your right I have wrong spelling x

  • Is it a Mannitol test? If so, it is to test if you have an asthma reaction. You do a Spirometry test, then the physiologist gets you to inhale some powder. Another Spirometry, and this goes on. The powder only causes an asthma attack. And if your Spirometry numbers are worsened by the powder it means that you do have asthma. The test is stopped, you will be given Salbutamol to relieve the inflammation. You will then sit to recover. If there is no deterioration in the Spirometry results, the conclusion is that you do not have asthma. Does this seem likely?

    You deserve better from your doctors.

    Let us know how things develop.

  • Thanks for your reply katinka, you are right that is the name of the test 👍, I don't know why it's being done though as I've had asthma since I was 14 and have always got asthma check every 6 months. Och well I'll wait and see what happens I do hope I don't have an asthma attack sounds a bit scary. Thanks everyone for listening I'm feeling really poorly today breathing is bad and I'm swelling up also I've got bad cramps in arms , back and legs it's sooo painful to breath I'm going to call my go in morning for emergency appointment as I'm also coughing up so much phlegm. I hope your all having a nice evening and manage a restful sleep tonight. Thank you all again for being here xx🌹🌹

  • Maybe your doctors are concerned that it isn't asthma? But asthma like symptoms masquerading as something else?

    And you must get to the GP tomorrow. It sounds awful.

    K x

  • Hi everyone just thought I'd give a little update, I called dr this morning and got an appointment an hr later but it was with the nurse, I've been told I've not to get any antibiotics or steroids today as I've only just finished a course I was so annoyed as my gp said he will see me next Monday for a full medical and see how I'm feeling by then , the nurse passed this msg on to me as she spoke to my dr while I waited in her office, I understand that it's not good to have a lot of antibiotics but I really feel so ill and felt like they wasted my time going in I was up from 5am coughing and in so much pain when I breathe my whole body is sore now and I've got fever and chills. All I'm told is to rest and wait and see what my sputum samples show I'll find out next Monday . I could've cried when I came out all I've done is spend most of time in bed I suppose I just wanted some help today. My go also says he is going to contact the respiratory specialist before I see him on Monday to get some idea what is best way to help me , thank for listening I wish you all a nice evening xx🌹

  • Poor you. You really do soundso fed up. It's awful to be made to wait isn't it. Sending you a big hug x

  • Thanks for the hug rosyjane , I am feeling a little stronger at the moment thankfully I'm just trying to take one day at a time, my visit to gp wasn't do great as he said I wasn't booked on for a full medical but said he had a lengthy conversation with specialist and feels he's much better than the last one I had and will be testament for several things I don't know what they are and stupidity didn't ask, he did tell me the specialist is going to send me for a different scan not ct as I've had 2 of these I totally forgot to ask what type of scan and why I was to get it. I wrote everything down I wanted to ask my gp but left it in the car and my mind went blank , off course I remembered everything once I got home . I've received two appointments today for respiratory clinic but they don't say what they're for maybe one for this asthma breathing test ?? Also I received a letter from Physio cancellation of my appointment for Monday I was so annoyed as both specialist and my gp keep telling me she can help a lot with my symptoms so I've to wait until end of July to see her .could anyone tell me what kind of help you get from respiratory Physio please. I'm happy to say I managed to go and visit my daughter as it was my granddaughter 3rd birthday and it was so lovely to see them and my granddaughter is just so funny at the age were she makes you laugh so much. Back in bed today but it was worth it to see how excited she was with all her presents. Thanks again for listening everyone I wish you all a great day and peaceful night sleep Sha 🌹🌹💚

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