Still here

It's been as been 2 years since I last posted something well I have had 2 student doctors doing a paper for there degree on me on how I cope with all of my illnesses and medication . Well at the moment I'm very tied this what it's like all the time but the morphine helps but makes you tied but I'm fine still happy still going I hope everyone can find some happiness to help them cope with all the illnesses we have .

stay happy and stay alive 🤓

Don't forget your not alone

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Good to see you Stephend and to hear your news. Glad you are still alive and happy. Pete is doing well but struggles sometimes especially with his back problems.

Life goes on and family are around us plus the amazing people on HU. Take care xxxxx

Hi so pleased​ to hear you are ok xxx

Lovely to hear from you. Very positive message x

It is so hard to stay positive sometimes. Thank you for your lovely post!

Really good to see your post. Dont leave it another 2 years though!!??!! Two student Doctors paying close attention,well I struggle to get my Doctor of 17years to pay much attention,so you're obviously doing something right!

Take care.

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