Immunity & Tattoo's

Immunity & Tattoo's

Well I took leap and had my first tattoo YES I thought given my immunity issues I could die via infection or have bad asthma attack OR suffer spontaneous human combustion.

Gladly I never did eather :)

So I thought would share one of my mile stones with you lol

Anyway MY tattoo WAS my own design with special meaning to me given stuff that had gone on in manchester and reflection of ancestry.

I call it my infinity bee or infinity manchester bee

The 8 on it's side that makes bee' swings is the infinity symbol INFINITY is mathematical Calculation that means infant endless no end.

Quite appealing and also represents reincarnation SO made sense to have my bee's wings using infinity symbol ... That's with out special mean bee infinity symbol as to me.

So i hear you say whats meaning behind bee and connection with manchester.

The worker bee is one of the best-known symbols of Manchester.

It was adopted as a motif for Manchester during the Industrial Revolution at a time when Manchester was taking a leading role in new forms of mass production.

And symbolises Mancunians' hard work during this era and Manchester being a hive of activity in the 19th century.

HMS Manchester Trafford wharf was nicknamed Busy Bee after the Manchester bee symbol.

The bee is depicted on the ship's crest which is also present on the ship's funnel. In the early 1970s the famous Boddingtons brewers logo was introduced depicting a barrel and two bees.

The University of Manchester's coat of arms features three bees. The bees are depicted on many structures in Manchester such as lampposts and bollards.

Following the 22 May 2017 Manchester Arena bombing the manchester bee emblem gained popularity as a public symbol of unity against terrorism appearing on protest banners and graffiti and body art.

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Lovely inking and lovely story behind it. :)

Hi Cheers guess we all special meaning behind tattoos we have done,:)

That's great JAS and looks good. 8 is my lucky number. Xxxxx

Hi cheers sassy I just see infinity when I look at it DON'T think I have lucky number :)

That's a great tattoo - but watch out as they can be a bit addictive! I was persuaded to get a small one done by my son who got a matching one; a red star. I loved it & now have tattoos for the 3 great loves of my life - family (quite a big one that took a whole day to do!), politics (the red star) & Huddersfield Town (currently a small terrier, but I'm going to get it finished soon. I'm promising myself I'll finish there, but I keep seeing designs & thinking 'wow - I'd like that'. I hope yours didn't hurt too much anyway.

Like you I worried about asthma & eczema reactions but I think good tattooists use high-quality ink & I never had any trouble. I'd stick photos on but not sure you can add them to message replies.

No, only in posts.

Hi Minushabens Was thinking of having angle BUT me dad don't like he said am trashing my body for the next life.

Gosh ANYWAY are addictive but pain and burning might put me off tattoo guy was good as he liked a gossip so stopped started few times so pain would not be to much for newbie.

Never thought about eczema :)

My mum was the same, but I pretty much stopped taking any notice about 35 years ago :D

I'm really proud of them all & I suspect real ale & chicken chow mein has trashed my body far more than any tattoo.

It's a shame we can't get photos in replies as I'm always interested to see what ideas & designs people have come up with.

I'm going to get my Town Terrier finished in Summer with our 3 stars above & 'Huddersfield Town AFC' below, then I've promised myself I will stop there!

Hi Minushabens sounds like plan you have there AM still debating my next move lol

The Manchester bee I'm thinking of getting one done. I had a tattoo when I hit that magic age 40 its a dolphin that's diving in to my belly button looked great when I had it done, I then gave up smoking put on weight and it looked like a beached whale

Hi onamisson am saying nothing but am sure it don't look like that ... are popular do look good


no comment hahaha

Not like you Tam ๐Ÿ˜† are you feeling ok

Very impressed with the thinking behind your tattoo, Jeff. I think I'll look at tattoos a little differently from now on.

Hi Cheers .. you and me both

I know a broken infinity symbol in tattoo means been threw the mill but your stronger.

This lots of interesting stories behind most

Onamission you cracked me up ๐Ÿฌ

JAS love your Bee ๐Ÿ

I would love another tattoo I have a butterfly on the top of my arm. I would like a bee as well. But my skin is so thin and bruises easily so I'm worried if having a tattoo would just tear my skin. Anybody had one who has got this awful skin because of so many steroids.

Thank you

Hi patj I was talking to tattoo guy told him my skins thin and he said would not be problem ONLY time this issues if on warfarin or asprin blood thiners.

I thought I would bruse as bruse easy but was ok GUESS it's down to tattoo guy or women.

What a meaningful story behind the tattoo. I'm a 67 yr old female. When I was 46, I got a tattoo of a butterfly on my ankle.

I had been wanting one for several years. My husband doesn't care for them (even thou he was in the marines). Our oldest daughter got one (without our knowledge) when she was 17. So, I thought, I'll have her take me to the tattoo parlor (she was a nursing student at the time and knew which place followed sanitary procedures). It was after I had it done, that I told my husband.

Several years later, someone asked me if I got the tattoo in my wild youth. Yes, I said, I was 46 at the time.


qualty that be you and me then if that's what wild youth is :)

Thanks for sharing

Nice tattoo. Just don't go swimming until it completely heals. :)

Hi yer defo be none of that for me :)

Loving it JeffAjaxSmith !

Hi Cheers :)

Regarding people with visible large tattoos. Is it impolite to stare at them? I don't judge, but I feel that it's a work of art and having them very visible, it's not impolite to be courious about them. There is usually a history/reason/meaning behind them. If I'm next to a people for any length of time and that person seems receptive, I'll ask about them.

But in passing, if I stare, I don't want that person to think that I'm judging them or disapprove.


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