One Hundred!

My next post will be my hundredth.

Good heavens this is it!!

I didn't hear the drum roll.

Perhaps no one is smit.

They're probably all asleep now,

As I've gone rambling on.

When they check on the post headings,

And see another one from Don.

It started back in January.

Many subjects have there been.

Like fur coats and ladies knickers

That one involved the Queen! :-o

Some have been quite naughty.

MrsMummy let them pass.

She probably didn't ban me,

Thinking he's just a silly ass.

So thank you for all those replies,

And all those likes as well.

Here's to the next hundred,

With lots more tales to tell.

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Happy 'centenary' Don. :)


You must be on a special list!

I'm not asleep yet.

Pete (1932 vintage)

see mrsmummy has you on her radar!


Happy one hundredth post Don. Well done you. Xxxxx

Keep 'em coming Don,well done on the one hundred but - it's nowhere near enough!

will there be any dalmations in poem no 101?can not think of anything else associated with that number,i cant get Katinka to do me a cartoon so i am reliant on you for cultured amusement.Keep knockimg them out Don.

room 101 <-- from 1984 novel

or current tv programe room 101 or come to think of it sci fi novel by ray bradbury i think it was titled fahrenheit 101 or was it 111? too late in day for brain to work. love to all

Fahrenheit 451 - the ignition temperature of paper.

I'm sure Don will reach post 451 quickly :)

Good grief, Moogle!!!

Congratulations Don. Just keep them coming as I'm sure that many enjoy them....I know I do. ☺ XXX

Yippee, wonderful.

Keep them coming joyce

Congratulations well done 😁

Yes please Don

Congratulations you are indeed a star . Stay as healthy as you can

Congratulations on your 100 postings. Wonderful poems πŸ˜‰

Wow, 100 posts! I don't think I'll ever have that much to say! LOL! I love your posts. :-)

Congratulations. What a lot of joy you've bought to us with your poetry

Well done keep them coming

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