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Nebuliser Research

How many use sterilising fluid LIKE milton to clean nebuliser bit.

How many who use nebuliser WHO sterilise have been colonised with funky lung bacteria.


How many use warm water & washing up liquid to sterilise there nebuliser bits.

How many who use warm water and washing up liquid to sterilise nebuliser bits have been colonised with funky lung bacteria.


Might seem mad questions research but this is STUFF that should be asked researched.

Washing up liquid as anti fungi agents Antimicrobial or something the stop your pots going mouldy when washed

Anyway i was curious to know about if and buts and is that why our doctors say wash our nebuliser bits n warm soapy water and leave to air dry?

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Guess all be first to reply YUP i have sever lung disease with immunity issues.

I wash my nebuliser bits in warm water and washing up liquid and leave to air dry.

Thus far i have not been colonised.

I think you are doing it the right way JAS, as recommended by the BLF.

Hi cheers GOSH how i got reading about washing up liqued I don't know.

Think i was chasing germs round with my microscope.

Defo think i need to get out more lol

Thanks for link n cheers :)

Not a nebuliser but a humidifier, hose and full mask for sleep apnoea; my cleaning regime is daily clean with washing up liquid and weekly deep clean by soaking in warm water and dissolved Sterident tablets which have no effect (as far as I am aware) on the thin silicone parts of the mask, hard plastic and metal of the humidifier but does ensure that the "kit" is all completely germ free!

I use steredent aswell, cooled boiled water & leave overnight . Tube ,mask & the bit you put the nebules in no problems here either 😊

Hi y_not & nanny-G glad all is well n germ free .. Yer I was interested in those who use one other other method

Hi Jeff, I have been using a nebuliser on and off since I became colonised with pseudomonas in 1986. I rinse the pot etc with hot water after every use and boil it for ten minutes with a spot of washing up liquid once each week. I also keep the machine running after I have detached the pot to make sure that there are no droplets left in the tube. I have never become colonised with any other bugs or aspergilla fungus. I hope that helps.

Hi littlepom.

Have you never been able to remove the Pseudomonas even for short periods of time? And what added difficulty has it caused you? I was taken into Hospital at Xmas with suspected pneumonia which was misdiagnosis but came out after 3 days with Pseudomonas. Recent sputum test showed it had left me but now consultant wants more tests because he says it can return. Any input would be gratefully received.

Hi hallentine. Now pseudomonas is a funny thing. Once it is in there it is difficult and probably impossible to eradicate it completely. Sometimes antibiotic treatment can reduce the numbers to such an extent that they do not show up in a lab test. However, lab tests are notoriously unreliable because they cannot find very small numbers of an organism so eventually the little beggars start having a party and the numbers go up. The object of permanent nebulised antibiotic is to keep the numbers as low as possible. You know that they are getting out of control when there is more sputum, thicker, the colour changes and you feel generally grotty. Then in my opinion is the time to get 'aggressive' antibiotic treatment. I reckon that I live with low levels of pseudo all of the time. I nebulise ceftazidime to try to keep the numbers down and really work at getting rid of the considerable amounts of fluid that my lungs produce and have always produced every day. As long as I control it like this I lead a very full life.

Different doctors take different approaches to it. I have now been offered IV three times a year as a prophylactic measure ( a cf treatment) but am currently refusing this as I would rather keep that form of treatment for times when I feel ill with it. Some bronchs on here have that kind of treatment. We are all different and it depends on what suits best.

The up side for me is that the presence of pdeudo seems to have kept out haemophyllus which was a bug which really made me feel poorly. That has probably raised more questions than it has answered.

Hi littlepom glad all well and not been re colonised I also let nebuliser run to clear tubes :)

Hi JAS, l use hot soapy water to wash Petes nebuliser mouthpiece and let it air dry. All good so far.

Take care xxxxxx

Hi Sassy glad alls well :)

Hi Jeff, good post . And as you say you could do with getting out it does the moral good. Are you well enough to go out, or do your carers duties restrict trips out ? Just wondered as there are groups who can help out there who do not cost the earth. Age UK have a lot of befreinding groups including ones for dementia sufferers and carers but depends where you live, worth enquiring.Many Churches do social groups without you being a church goer these days too.

Hi Katieoxo wish things was that simple don't really feel well enough to go out much leg pain & dizziness.

Makes you quite bad company really and tad anti social.

Do try but like you say is hard when carrer too.

Understand Jeff , it is sometimes difficult to fit round caring especially if your not well yourself. Is there anything else they can do for your pain? or is it like me have to put up with it and the treatments you get . Wish you a good day and your father.

Hi Katieoxo was talking to doctor other day and he thinks it's genetic.

He said try feet insoles and paracetamol but like I said to doc paracetamol constipates me and then breathing is bad.

This no end to it fix one then it's other

Know the feeling, give me tablets for blood pressure then end up with gout from the raised uric acid levels.I already wear shoe inner soles and take painkillers they do help as do wearing trainers but do not illiminate the pain. And as for getting workmen to do jobs that you are not able it is a costly nightmare even Age UKs trusted trader system is unable to help, these days.

Wheels are falling off everything lol

Only consolation we get these days Katie :)

New masks pipes, tubing etc is cheap enough, to replace esp after a nasty infection .

Amazon sell these.

As it happens have just started with milton this week. On prophylactic colomycin but have had proteus infection for several months and when reading about that one of the causes was given as contaminated nebuliser. Now waiting on test results after 3rd course of amoxcillin, don't think the 2 week gap between courses helps though.

Defo sounds funky infection was you using Milton befour infection to clean nebuliser .. Am not expert on Milton but I know with babies bottles have to be sterile.

But I know it don't work that great is sat about THINK that's what peeked my interested O and also I was watching fungi trying to grow on microscope slide I had washed in wishey washey liquid

Quite amazing as fungus tried every direction but Antimicrobial residue must of trashed it's growth.

So I guess Milton being totally sterile won't offer such protection

Of curse am no expert was just wondering looking for consensus

Have only been using milton for past 3 days. Is hypochlorite so kills most/all bugs. No residual effect once removed from solution so needs retreating each time - like babies bottles etc.

Do the not use that in swimming pools .. I know when I went swimming I ended up with nasty chest infection.

Did read stuff the use in swimming pools won't kill common germs needless to say I stay clear of them now

I use both when cleaning masks & nebulisers for my mother.

I have also wondered if anything about cleaning method had led to mums pseudomonas infections

Only thing I can say is when we touch things our sweaty protein rich most finger attract all sorts germs fungus.

You ever put somthing in shed new and gone back and seen it filthy where you touched it.

That's why washy up liquid as dem things I talked about in them DEFO is worth researching following up BUT is great we are talking bout such things.

It's like our teeth have bacteria on them that stop some lung infections WELL so the say HOW true it is ... is anyone guess

I use hot water and Fairy (as one of my Respiratory nurses said. I have got Milton but not used it yet !! 🙄 By the way if you are brave enough you can use your own Weewee 😳😷😷 and needless to say I have not tried that one ?? Keep well. xx

I use hot water and washing up liquid and leave to air dry and I'm ok x

Just got a nebuliser and been looking on here for info about it. I was told by Hospital to wash in warm soapy water and rinse in clean water after every use, and air dry. They said I could either use Milton or boil up in a saucepan once a week. If boiling, keep it boiling for 5 minutes. So will try the boiling first

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