Missing mum

Hi all just to say thankyou for all your condolences it's been just over four weeks now and this home is so empty and quiet without mum she definitely kept me on my toes I'm so lost without her I get comfort knowing that she is with dad now and not suffering anymore but it's the ones mums left behind. For mums funeral we had a song called supermarket flowers by Ed sheeran it just says it all about mum it's a beautiful song it has me in floods of tears.Just want to wish you all good health and wellbeing and for those suffering from the horrible illness copd or pulmonary hypertension or any other lung problems xxxxx

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I love that song. You did so much for your mum and can rest easy that she is now at peace. It will get easier to think back and recall good memories. Take care.

You'll get through this but please give yourself time to grieve as part of the healing process; you did so much for your dear Mum that it filled your time and thoughts completely and that has left a huge gap in your life. Be sure that very gradually other things will start to fill that gap, so just leave yourself open to other things when the time is right. Have thought about you so much - be sure no-one could have done more for a dearly-loved Mother than you.

Sending you a big hug 💗

Yes, she was a huge part of your life. We are here, and understand what you are going through. Anytime, just shed a message and someone will respond, I am sure. Oh, come here, let me put my arm around your shoulders, give you a big hug.

Thank you Chezzy66 for your wishes of good health. It always feels lonely when you loose a close loved one. You do miss them so much, it is 18 months since my mum died and although we lived 100s of miles from each other I still find it hard to not be ringing her every week. May I say my thoughts are with you at this sad time, treasure the good memories you have not the horrible illness that took your mum, she is at peace now with no suffering, and am sure she would want you to go on and enjoy your life xx

Bless you Chezzy and what a beautiful song for your mum. Give yourself time to grieve and l do think your mum was so very fortunate to have you by her side. She was loved very much.

Take care of yourself. Xxxx

Thank you Chezzy, I'm so sorry about your lovely mum, hope you are looking after yourself and you have people around you to help you get through this difficult time, your mum will always be with you xxx

Beautiful song Chez I was crying listening to it xx

It's early days yet and it's good that you're grieving, not bottling things up. You have lots of happy memories. I love Ed Sheeran's songs. My best friend died five years ago and she had Eva Cassidy's Song of Gold sung at her funeral, and even now I cry when I hear it.

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