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Pnuemonia / Pluerisy How long does the pain last? Anyone?

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this site or any other site for that matter being involved it forums! I just wondered if anyone could give me answers and advice....

4 weeks ago my husband and I set of for America to visit our Daughter and Grandchildren whom we hadn't saw for 2 years, anyway after 2 long flights and a crazy layover at JFK airport 400+ people in a queue to get through customs and security and only 2 on the desks it was hot and clammy inside and there wasn't any air con on I was just feeling so weird then, after finally getting through we had a mad rush to get to our gate for our connection anyway we just made it I was completely exhausted.

Sorry but this is a long post I just want to explain everything in the last 4 Weeks.

Finally arrived at our Daughters and then I was ill and in bed for the 1st 3 days just feeling really out of it, started to take varies mess picked up a bit and then able to start to have some quality time with my Grandchildren tho not feeling 100% and very tired.

So 2 days before coming home which was only 8 days in total I started with a sore throat and unwell, soon as we arrived home I was in bed just feeling so ill really bad coughing I had a phone consultation and prescribed Amoxicillin for a chest infection, for the whole week they did absolutely nothing and getting worse and worse my husband took me to the doc and was again given another week of stronger antibiotics can't remember the name Dy something little Green capsules just 1 a day for a week, again did nothing, so the I was getting really bad pain on the right hand side in the ribs and going round into my back so unbearable never had pain like it in my life I couldn't breath properly very shallow and the slightest move was excruciating! So then in absolute agony my husband got the ambulance and did checks and sent me to hospital this bank holiday just gone 29th May they did all the test and an X Ray revealed that I had Pnuemonia the consultant said I could return home with yet another 2 lots of Anitbiotics Clarithromycin 500mg and Co-amoxiclav 500mg so I've been in bed trying to recover now since Monday 29th it's now Sat 3rd June and only today and tomorrow to go on the meds I'm still in lots of pain in the right area as above been taking prescription Co-Codamaol for the pain every 4 hours nothing is working.

I have been reclined in bed as comfy as I can get constantly on my I pad researching I think it Pluerisy pain that I have from the things I have read, at night I can hardly sleep trying to lie flat to stretch out my upper body but the pain is so bad.

I've come on this site to ask if anyone has had similar experience to mine and if so how long does this excruciating pain last? my family have been trying to get me back to the hospital but I don't want to go, but I am worried and don't know what to do!

Again sorry to go on and on,

Can anyone help?

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Sorry to hear of the issues. I have a theory that plane travel does cuase a lot of infections?

However the pain is not nice and I would suggest that you try the huffing technique to remove the gunk on the chest. When I was in hospital I had physio to get it moving and it meant lying on your side take a deep breath and then with a folded towel on the exposed side of chest you then breath out and the physio did small pushes on the chest to give the same effect as huffing it was a great way to move the gunk. I get the wife to do it for me too.

Be well


Thank you so much for your reply, yes your right about plane travel multiple germs, I am used to air travel a lot and got various infections in the past but this is just a nightmare!

Cheers for the huffing excersises I will try them but it's so very painful to move every little movement is like a knife top of my ribs.



Sorry to hear you're still in pain. I had that in January,worst ever pain, needed IV antibiotics to shift. Go back to hospital and make tell them exactly how you feel. Don't be brave but be assertive., good luck and hope you're better soon 💐💐


Thank you, it's good to hear other people know the pain I'm experiencing, My Daughters and Sons are saying the exact same thing! I'm just so stubborn and just keep thinking tomorrow it will be better so and so forth.

My family are saying that if there's no change tomorrow there getting me back to the hospital.


Hi Anitab it took six weeks of IV antibiotics to shift pleuresy and pneumonia when I had it in 2015. Have you taken your temperature? If you have a fever plus ongoing very sharp pain and the inability to get rid of the gunk stuck in your lungs it can be a sign that the abs you have been given haven't knocked it on the head. Do be insistant with the doctors. After the hurly burly of the pneumonia itself it can take months to get your energy back and pain can linger, either as a dull ache or a short sharp when when you take a sudden breath in. I still have that kind of pain which is remaining damage to my pleural membrane. I'm sorry that you have had such a horrible time.

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Hello thank you for your reply, Yes when I was at the hospital on Monday all the tests they did bloods, blood pressure all the usual, and the X Ray which gave me the diagnosis I havnt took my temp since then I think it's ok I don't feel like I have one I'm still in bed with all the windows open so plenty ventilation and also drinking plenty of water and eating plenty fruits and salads.

I have been doing the breathing excersises this morning and trying to get the gunk up the infection is still there and I take the last of the meds tomorrow,

So see how it is tomorrow if I need to get the doctor.

Thank you so much this forum chat is really helping me.




Unfortunately I can relate to your story, and I agree that it isn't nice, the worst period of my life, to be quite honest.

I was taken to hospital middle of Feb and was in for four days and then came home, had a relapse and ended up back in hospital. The second time they did ct scan which showed not only pneumonia but also a parapneumonic effusion which I needed drained. Yuck!

I've had various amounts of antibiotics and eventually I was referred to a respiratory doctor. Since meeting him, I have gone from strength to strength. He said most doctors only prescribe a week of antiobiotics, yet he decided to give me a double dose of medication for 16 days in total. It cleared up my infection and the fluid is finally starting to be absorbed by my body.

Anyway, at very many points, I felt I would die and I've been given morphine to get through bad nights. However, now, almost four months on, I feel good! I work on percentages - at my worst I felt about 7% good, now I feel about 82%. Yes I still have bad back pain; I still wheeze from time to time BUT it gets easier eventually.

I was lucky - I met amazing doctors and I'm still relatively young, 32. My doctors saved my life, I'm sure of it.

I think my advice to you is to get back to urgent care, the gp or a and e and tell them you're not responding to the antibiotics. You must do this! You need to be proactive as it's so scary how quickly it progresses.

Best of luck.


Aww hope your feeling better soon I had it in November was really bad and ended up going into septis was put asleep in icu for a week it was down to having asthma I didn't know I had at the time just starting to feel a bit better not a 100 percent yet tho just make sure you go back hospital if ur no better good luck


I have had pneumonia together with pleurisy several times. I used hot packs to relieve the pain to get to sleep. Also once I had this chest pain and it was still there when they said I was ok to go home from hospital. I used 14,000 mgs of fish oil per day and in 3 days it was gone. The pain is the pleura (lining of the lungs) rubbing against the rib cage when you breathe. Just about the worst kind of inflammation you can get. Get some 1,000 mg fish oil pills and take at least 14 per day. A good doctor once told me he prescribes up to 19,000mgs per day with no problem....Lungnorm


Hi Antitab

Please get back to the Hospital and /or your Doctor and insist you needing sorting out and do not take any procrastination form the medics. This happened to me 16 months ago and I ended up with Viral Pneumonia and respiratory collapse and 3 weeks in Intensive Care and almost died. Due to a number of infections since that time, my recovery has been slow and I have never returned to the level of well being I had before Pneumonia. So Please do not delay in demanding remedial action. Best of luck.


Thank you everyone for sharing all your experiences with me, today I have felt a difference in the pain in the ribs / chest not as intense and with that I have been able to manage breathing excersises and there for bringing up the hunk!

I am on the last of the meds today I can honestly say this illness has been the worst in my life I am 61 years of age and a nonesmoker, I have had 4 children give me childbirth anyday.

If I feel as good as tomorrow and as I have been today I will be so happy though still staying in bed at least I can breath deeper and move with only slight pain, I just can't wait to be absolutely pain free and get back to normal.

I do know one thing for sure I am taking control more over my body and getting healthy and making sure my immune system is topped up, and when I'm flying again or in any situation with the public that I could pick up bugs ect again I'm protecting myself and doing what I need to do.

I will update all you kind people who have mesged me I am really grateful to everyone for taking the time, and thank you all for your well wishes and advice.

Anita xx


Hi, I am sorry to hear about your lung pain but I do suggest you try not to lie flat in bed as this will make things worse pain wise. I can also say that you should give a try to drinking load (and I mean loads) of water as this help clear the lungs of mucus. Hope you get better soon.


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