It amazes me how you guys get so much information on your illness, my gp who a supposed respiratory specialist just throws more drugs at me and literally shrugs her shoulders.

Last year, she decided to try me on a new inhaler it resulted in me collapsing at home and a blue light ride to hospital where I spent 3 days.

This year she referred me for a camera down my throat, the consultant would not do it because my breathing was to poor, and referred me back to my gp

I have waited 5 months to see a respiratory consultant and when the nurse at my surgery called me in for a spirometery the day before seeing him, she said she couldn't do it because I was on a course of steroids at the time and would have to be 4to6 weeks drug free! So the appointment was cancelled.

I have lost all faith in my gp and when I try to make an appointment with another doctor in the practice I am told I have to see the "specialist " gp who I have lost faith in.

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Clearly your GP is not a specialist as are mine if our doctors when it comes to chronic lung conditions. It would be good to see a specialist consultant at a hospital who would understand your problems.

Pete has been to the Royal Brompton in the past and also sees a doctor at our local hospital. Getting medication right is key to living a good life so that needs to be sorted out. Hope you can speak to your GP and put your point across. Good luck to you. Xxxx

Hi Two2sheds. You have not been seeing a respiratory specialist. You have been seeing a General Practitioner whom the practice have designated as their respiratory specialist. Not the same thing at all as a respiratory consultant who has that particular expertise and has gone through the process of being appointed to that standard in a hospital setting. You are not getting the right treatment so go to your practice, see a GP and insist on a referral to a proper respiratory consultant. Don't let them intimidate you and don' t take no for an answer. Its your right. Good luck

I have in the past refused to see a doctor I did not want to see. The receptionist has no right to dictate to you who you see, and if they do speak to the practice manager. In any case how do they know what you need they are not medically trained. It is much more important to find a doctor you trust than a self styled 'expert' you don't trust. Good luck.

Toci posted yesterday (I think)

I was shocked to read "You are entitled to treatment from a GP at the surgery where you are registered. You have no automatic right, however, to see your own GP." because, like you, I thought I could demand who I saw ... seems we can't!

Sad, I know, but I spent hours reading the charter, so many thanks Toci - much appreciated!

You can't insist on seeing your 'own' GP, but unless it is an emergency, when you see whoever is available you can make an appointment with anyone in the surgery. Own GPs are a thing of the past. In my own practice, which I admit is Welsh, when we registered last year I saw several doctors before I met one I felt I could talk to, explained how I felt and he put me on his list and flagged it so that I can see him if essential, although I don't abuse the privilege. In any case what our friend was saying is that the receptionist insisted he saw the 'respiratory specialist'. I reiterate, there is no use seeing a doctor you neither like nor trust. If all else fails, if possible register with another practice.

Can't criticise the Welsh NHS - blue-lighted from a beach to the hospital in March they were brilliant! And your roads are superb- no potholes!!!

No criticism merely a slightly different system. We have both been very well treated in both England and Wales. I asked to go to Bristol as is my right as an English patient because they have the centre for adults with congenital heart disease, the respiratory care followed for convenience as it was silly to go to two different hospitals, especially as one problem is English and Welsh hospitals don't communicate!

they told you that your doctor was a specialist GP for your condition, so other GPs in that practice will be unlikely wanting to see you.

time to accpect this doctors treatment untill you do get to see a specialist , or look for another practice that will take take you on.

i still after 3 years yet to find a way to stay calm, not stressed and not to worry and things will be fine. so am not going to say any of those things😑. but i do wish you well .

Hi Two2sheds, sorry for late reply , was at an election meeting yesterday as I represent older people of the city to the MPs. You are not alone many GPs are not specialists in any feild of medicine and in ten minutes cannot always give information. Many of us have to seek it elsewhere. Some GPs are more conversant as they have the illness themselves. You are not obliged to see the same GP I was told this just recently after losing trust in my registered named GP. Good luck with getting this sorted out with the GP.

I have had hardly any info from the medical profession about my emphysema - most of what I have learnt is from this site and other research xx

Twosheds,Try getting into the ribs of the practise manager first so that he/she is aware of your concerns/complaint if no joy i recently recieved a complaints link that unfortunately pertains to my area but will be duplicated around the country with the appropriate trust area that you are in. could try replacing the Tameside bit with your area.I am also sure that i have seen other links on our own forum with routes to complain or raise issues.Hope this may be of some use.regards mike

. sorry here is the full address.regards

How about challenging the doctor and asking why. I always ask my doctor or consultant or respatry nurse why they have come to a decison or conclusion especialy as its me that takes the meds and has to deal with side affects and concsequences. .(The frase "we will try" gets to me as they are not trying the meds i am)

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