Avril is my hero

she saved my life one day.

When we were 12, in Dawlish Warren

on a rubber dinghy, we set off out to sea,

just before we had our tea.

Now Avril was a champion,

with cups and swimming awards.

But even though I couldn’t float

my safety was assured.

She fell off our floating vessel

and promptly dsappeared,

Then, scrambling from the deep

she grabbed me by the feet.

She kicked her legs

and pushed the float

while I lay on the top.

Towards the shore she strongly steered,

My cousin wasn’t even scared,

but took me back up on the sand

and we were safely back on land.

Avril is my hero,

she saved my life that day.

Thank you Avril, cousin dear,

For without you, I might not be here.

3 Replies

I loved that poems. What a story and so glad you are here. Xxxx

So am I. :-)

Heart tugging.

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