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Hydrogen peroxide question

Hi, I am new to this sort of thing.

I have been told I have COPD, i have stopped smoking (6 weeks now),

My breathing got worse after stopping smoking so am now on 2 inhalers 1 once a day and one when my breathing gets bad, I am also on steroids,

When I cough it is a dry cough, there is still no mucus coming up I can feel it's there but just won't shift.

I read that a weak hydrogen peroxide mist used like an inhaler will help shift the mucus.

Has anyone on here heard of this or used it before I go and try it.

Google has so many conflicting things so am a little unsure.

Thanks G

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No I have not heard of that. To be honest that chemical should go nowhere near your lungs!

Try drinking plenty of fluids and look up the huff cough on you tube. You could ask you GP for a mucus thinning medication which will also help. Google is very dangerous so please avoid. You could try ringing the BLF advice line which as trained nurses to help.

03000 030 555 advice line.


Sorry for a two part answer. My grandson is taking up my time. You could ask your GP to refer you for pulmonary rehabilitation. This not only gives you a number of exercises which help but also teaches you about the condition and your medications. Well done for giving up smoking it is the best thing you can do to help yourself. It's very frightening when you first get diagnosed so keep on asking questions. There is no such thing as a daft question. If there is I have already asked it.

good luck and welcome to our friendly group.


Hi I have heard others on here say using a flutter device helps with bringing up mucus. It is a very small inhaler like machine with a vibrating ball in. It looks quite like an inhaler and the vibration helps to shake loose the mucus on your chest wall so it's easier to cough up. .

You can have a look at them on Amazon

Also try drinking more water and cut down on dairy. .This may help.


If you have a nebuliser you can get saline nebs from your GP that helps to bring up mucus.

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It's not something I would try.


Try olbas oil , few drops on a tissue will work wonders😊

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I have been taking N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) in pure powder form mixed with a drink and it has made a big difference for me. I heard about it from a pharmacist friend and researched it before using it. Look it up. It may be just the thing for you. It certainly has absolutely no side effects and is also used as a detox not just for lungs but also liver. I take 1200 to 1800 grams per day.

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What improvements has it made for you? Has it improved your breathing and shortness of breath or is it more for clearing the mucus?

Thank you

It has helped me to cough up mucus instead of just a dry cough.

I have also been using Ipramol Steri-Neb (0.5mg/2.5mg) in a nebulizer and that really helps my breathing. It's a combination of Ipratropium bromide and salbutamol to open the airways. I first started using it in Turkey when I lived there. It was called Combivent over there.

Thank you

Hello and welcome Grifflyn. I read about hydrogen peroxide therapy being beneficial for COPD but too scared to try it, in case it actually did more harm than good x

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Hydrogen peroxide, oxidiser , bleaching agent & disinfectant . Diluted or not I,d steer clear of it



Hi Welcome to the forum, good that you heve given up the weed, keep it up. Go see your GP and ask for Carbocicteirne it helps to thin the mucus, then drink plenty of water. It will initially take up to 3No coughs to get the mucus moving keep this up the mucus will eventually get clearer except in the morning. Don't try to self diagnose with Google it will frighten you witless.


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I wonder if it's almost the same thing as the NAC (N Acetylcysteine) that I use. Certainly that has helped me a lot and can be bought over the counter or online from reputable companies

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hi grifflyn

did you try the hydrogen peroxide

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