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Having tests for ra😢

Hi all.

Been awhile.lots been happening.firstly we moved live in beautiful Billericay,love it here.

I've also been in an awful lot of pain in my fingers,toes,knees.

My hands are the worst,wake me up in the night where they are swollen,red and painful😢

Been referred to see specialist last week.she suspects ra.

Had to have an eye test to check I'm ok for the meds she wants to put me on,as it can affect the eyesight🙁

Had bloods and X-rays done yesterday.

Now just have to wait for prescription to be released from my gp.

Just hope he doesn't take too long.

Have any of my friends on here been prescribed hydroxychloroquine? Did you have any reactions?has it helped.

I'm praying it's going to help me.

Lots of love.


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Hi fantasy I have OA and recently been dx with psoriatic arthritis. Witch is treated the same as RA. I don't take the medication that you have been proscribed. But I do have to take Sulfasalazine and leuflunomide they come with bad side effects. They are in the same group that your medication is in. I have to have regular blood test due to side effects. I have been on this type of medication for over 2 years now without any major side effects. I was like you when first put on the medication was really scared. But you should be closely monitored while you are taking them.. Hope this helps you.take care xx

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Hoping things work well for you Fantasy and so pleased you are happy in your new home. Take care xxxx

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Hi fantasy, I was originally diagnosed RA, then Lupus and finally, UTCD, which is like mild or pre lupus.

I've been on Plaquinel since 2004. It really nipped my symptoms in the bud although it might take around six weeks to work. xx

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Everyone reacts to meds differently sometimes it is trial & error hope you re lucky 1st time with meds let us know


Hello Fantasy3 .

I'm sorry about your suspected RA. Reading your post it came back to me in such clarity how very painful it was for me too before my diagnosis. I am not on hydroxychloroquine so I can't help you with your question. Right now, I know how painful and rather scary it is for you. Remember that when you start medication and find the right cocktail for you it will get better slowly but surely.

Hang in there. Thinking of you.

Cas xx 🌿🐞🌿

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Thanks everybody.


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So good to hear from you and to hear you loving Billericay. I hope you get correct dx and medications prescribed soon. Take care and enjoy your new home xx


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