my copd


i was diagnosed with copd about 7years ago i smoked and i also worked in the hosiery which i am sure didnt help, any long story short i stopped smoking about 4/5 years ago but i am bad i cant do anything without getting breathless the doctors didnt really tell me anything about it and i just plodded on once a year they asked to see me for my spirometry test and that it is i have been getting massively worst and tried to find out if i could do anything myself to help but got no answers then 4 weeks ago i got a letter about a trial for copd patients and so i thought im doing that and i am so glad i did i now know i have emphysema and i have learnt some breathing exercises and also theres prob an operation i can have and at the end of this trial i will be booked in for rehabilitaton which has made me think that there is light at the end of the tunnell i am 57 years old and the slide is slippy

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  • Hi that's fantastic news, hope if you have the operation all goes well. I wish I could get on one of those trials. Good luck, take care 😉xx Bernadette

  • Afternoon Bjayr. It's great news that you have at last four d so.e support a more accurate​ diagnos & a management plan.

    It very annoying that of you've smoked & develop a Respiratory problem, there's an automatic assumption that's it's COPD

    Hope you continue to make progress

  • It's also very annoying when they assume you smoke because you have a respiratory problem! I have, fortunately, never smoked but still have lung disease.

  • It definitely is.

  • Im so pleased for you has I have been taking your same journey for the last couple of years ,Who gave you this trial is it in the UK x

  • Bjayr123,

    Hi Sorry to hear thatn you appear to be going a bit downhill but you seem to have found the right treatment. Breathing techniques are often key to helping the condition.

    You refer to an operation at the end of your therapy, what is that operation? I am a lot older than you but am still on the look out for ops that may have a good effect. Also where are you going for the treatment?


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