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Puffer breath easy thingy lol

Been at PR recently and the physio mentioned a breathing thingy that strengthens the muscles around the lungs .

Safe to say my memory has failed lol but you can buy them from a chemist anybody know the name please 🤗🤗

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Do you mean a flutter device? There are old posts here:



Thanks Mrsmummy no it's not that one will ask her tommorow again .It's for strengthening tiny muscles around the lung area .it's got a flotation bobbin inside that goes up and down when you breath and blow .it's used twice a day .having blonde moment lol just the chemist is open today and was going to buy one xxx

Try this from eBay - have just bought one and has the flotation bubble


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Thanks ordered it last night xx

Meli-Inn Respiratory Exercise Lung Deep Breathing on Ebay £ 7.95 just went online think I will have 1 of those thanks

What you are thinking of might be a Power Breathe:


You can buy it online from several places - google for those


Thanks beech this look like what I'm after x

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Hi, I have one. You've reminded me to get it out, if I can find it.

It's like the breathing piece for scuba diving and diving was excellent for developing stamina and strength. In fact, my nephew wouldn't be alive today if he hadn't been a diver. He was badly hurt in an accident. They didn't think he would survive the 12 hours in the operating theatre and said his survival was due to the strength from his diving.


I'm glad he survived and hope he's fully recovered from his accident . Yes your tight as the scuba mask type thing I wish you well and your nephew xxx

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I should have said its just the mouthpiece, same as is attached to the hose to O2 tank.

Nick is fine now thanks, 20 years later! All the damage was the right side of his face. Just wanted to stress the difference it makes to exercise the lungs 💪

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Iv started blowing up balloons lol went to chemist and they dont have one xxx

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Also should have mentioned I got mine on line., possibly Amazon. I think it was around £30 - make sure you see a pic of it, it's unmistakenly just a mouthpiece. You can adjust the strength needed to inhale as you get stronger.

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Thanks Peege you have been brilliant x

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Ultrabreathe Respiratory & # xfeff; Training Muscles

Haha, this is it, I looked it up & Amazon tells me 'you purchased this item on 23 February 2013' !! And, it's loads cheaper now, £15.

You've spurred me on to find mine, it's ideal to use when you're watching TV or sitting about. P


Boots sell Aerosure Medical Respiratory Device £180

thera are a lot of different ones on ebay as £180 seems steep when there re other cheaper ones doing same thing

Christabella153 iv just come from my PR class and spoke to physio about them .The company she recommends is called Power Breath there a UK based company with the patent and iv just bought one of there for £29.99 .There is loads of info on there in regards to which one to buy which is suitable for your condition so have a good old look before you consider buying they have a years warranty on them and the parts but be assured it's what you want before proceeding xxxx

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