Morning everyone, sorry to be a pain again, asking questions (still not started PR yet). I'm suffering badly with sweating around head and face area. Its been continuous throughout the hot weather. This was never a problem before now. We are not used to humidity in England. Could this be caused by the levels of humidity we are having. Is it anything to do with my COPD. If so, we are doomed in the winter and the summer, bummer. My echocardiogram results were clear, however doc picked up symptoms of angina, angiogram booked in for 16th June. What next, I ask. Feel as if my body is just failing me. Hope everyone is feeling good, have a nice bank holiday Monday.

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  • Sonia I feel for you I am like a wet rag all the time xx

  • I have been having serious bouts of sweating, I blow dry my hair it looks good about 5 minutes later my forehead and the back of my head is so bad it is trickling down my head ?? I keep forgetting to ask the Doc !

    It's not the menopause as I have finished with that one, or is it ?? I am 72 !!

    Hope everyone is doing well xxx

  • Have you tried a dehumidifier? You can buy a small hygrometer online quite cheaply that measures the humidity in your rooms. I saw one on EBay for less than £3. I read that 40% is a good figure for COPD

  • Thx James,I saw my copd nurse today. Good news, finally she gave me my fev levels. I had to ask, she asked why I wanted to know. I reminded her I was the patient. Fev 1, 82%- Fev 2 is 102,% my oxygen was at 96%' I believe that the% are fine. I s this correct.

  • I think an Fev1 of 82% would mean you have mild COPD but your nurse or GP would need to confirm that for you. Did the nurse confirm that you have COPD? What a stupid comment asking you why you wanted to know.

    Are you still off the cigarettes, as stopping is the most important thing to do?

    Were you given a pack of information from the nurse?

    The British Lung Foundation have a lot of information - see the link below and plenty folk on here have much knowledge and tips. Searching this site in the box top right is also useful for specific questions.

    Welcome to the forum by the way.

    James :)

  • I agree with you that it looks like its mild copd. Which is good news for me. Yes doc told me it was copd. Im over the moon with the result.

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