Bye Bye Oxygen

Hi sassy59, Mooski and All: This is my story of getting off 24/7 oxygen. Five and a half

years ago I went to my pulmonologist with, what I thought was a minor infection. The Oximeter reading showed a different story with a reading of 70 percent. Again no wasting time going to emergency room. In the doctor's office, I did the oxygen-nebulizer-antibiotic injection scenario. I was given instructions that to be on oxygen 24/7 plus what antibiotics and other medicines to acquire. I asked the doctor for how long would I be on oxygen. He replied: " for the rest of your life". He also stated that the next time I would probably have to go to the hospital for treatment.

After acquiring the medicines we went home. I can remember sitting on the bed looking at the large oxygen cylinder and saying " No way". I had a friend buy me an Oximeter and I started on my quest to eliminate the need for oxygen. I decided to use oxygen at a flow rate of 2 l/m for 15 minutes at a time for a total of 1 1/2 hours per day. There was no scientific method for choosing the level and times. I started keeping an hourly record of my SpO2 ( blood oxygen content ) and PR ( pulse rate ). I averaged the readings per day and input the data into an Excel spreadsheet. Eventually, after one month I produced a graph that showed a steady climb back up to well above a SpO2 reading of 90 percent. I believe that believing in the instruction " Body Heal Thyself " played a large part in my recovery.

I sent the data to my doctor and he was surprised at my recovery. I stopped using oxygen after that. Then I learned about Azithromycin which for me is a miracle drug to eliminate secondary bacterial lung infection. Since that time I have not been to my doctor to waste his time as my Oximeter tells me when trouble is brewing and the Azithromycin takes care of the problem.

At beginning of April 2017, I had a reading of 88 on my Oximeter. Two days later I knew I had an infection and SpO2 reading dropped to 83 .I did my oxygen routine for two days until the readings were back above 90. The infection was short lived with Azithromycin. I am fine now with SpO2 averaging 93% with only problem breathlessness but I expect that as I started my COPD with a remaining lung capacity of 40 percent I have learned that slow and easy and not to be afraid to ask for help are the order of the day. I plan to go for a visit so I can get a spirometry test done to learn the condition of my lungs.

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  • That's very good and well done to you. Pete is not on oxygen and l hope he won't have to use it in the future.

    Wishing you well. Xxxxx

  • Thanks, sassy59 .Hope Pete stays well as can be expected and does not have to use oxygen.

  • How wonderful that you were able to turn things round. It's so nice to hear a success story, and I'm sure that there will be others in the same position as you were who will find your story very interesting. Thank you so much for the sharing. XXX

  • Pam1952: You are quite welcome.

  • That's great you really do deserve to be proud of yourself.xx

  • Hi Damon1864: Thank you.

  • Hi Sleibhin, wonderful you've been able to do this. I believe we sometimes have more resources in our bodies than our doctors give credit for. Ive also managed to get off O2 following double pneumonia through intensive exercise to strengthen my muscles. This took several months and, unlike you, I was lucky in hospital as a consultant said I would be able to do this and return to my baseline. It's great you had the confidence to defy the prediction of your doctor. I would be interested to know what part exercise played for you. :)

  • Forgot to say that achieving what you have from having been as low as 70% is seriously amazing. Thank you for telling your story.

  • Hi O2Trees: Thanks. With two wonky knees and arthritis, I don't do any

    real physical exercise. At times simple walking can be extremely difficult. This problem is my next project now that my COPD is under control by my standards.

    Back to the time when I was using the oxygen sparingly, my reason was that giving my lungs 3 to 5 l/m 24/7 they would not get any better. When using the oxygen for 15-minute intervals I would breathe deep and as fast as I could. All I can say is that the results of this procedure plus "Body Heal Thyself" got me off 24/7 oxygen. My goal is to stay that way. If I get my knee problem under control I will get back to walking.

  • Extraordinary - you're your own miracle worker. Keep us informed :)

  • What an inspirational story, am so pleased you are managing your condition so well. Keep up the work x x

  • Hi Shirley: Thank you.

  • Please let me know how that goes,one day I wanna be off.

  • wow....sleibien: good for you! can you share how old you were when you were diagnosed, what level of copd and how old you are now. keep up the great progress!!

  • Hi Mooskie: I do believe I was 64 when I went to the doctor and told I had COPD. I was in such a bad condition I couldn't do a spirometer test. It was only after two weeks of oxygen that I was able to do the test and my lung capacity was at 40 percent. I am now 76 and look forward to reaching at least 100.

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