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Hi I've been having trouble with acute chest infections since February, been taken to A&E twice plus a overnight stay and a 4 night stay in hospital, 3 nebuliser at doctors. Every time I finish the antibiotics and steriods I'm okay for a couple of days then the infection kicks back in. I've also been suffering with water infections and had antibiotics for that as well. I have thrush in my mouth and while in hospital my urine sample showed I had ecoli, my latest test came back clear Someone has suggested to me that I should take a Probiotic to build up my resistance. I'm on so much medication I'm not sure if this is wise.

Your help would be greatly appreciated xx

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Have you been tested for vitamin D deficiency? Your GP can arrange this.

No I never thought of that. Is it just a blood test to be done at the doctors?

Yes, that is all it is.

Sorry to hear your troubles sounds like your immune system needs building up with all the infections you have and been having get your GP to test your bloods for Vitamin D deficiency and have a chat to them xxxx

I never thought about vitamin D deficiency. I will arrange a blood test. Thank you for your help 😀

Your welcome hope you get sorted xx

Buy some acidophilus , natural yogurt too and probiotic drinks yakult etc.

Antibiotics wipe out all the good stuff in you body and main cause of yeast infections and the rest.

You can get good acidophilus in the health shop or online H and Barret do capsules with 20 billion friendly bacteria .....the higher the better.Get well soon x

Thank you KittyKat2 I wondered why I kept getting water infections after taking antibiotics, I just thought being on antibiotics it would wipe out my chest and water infections in one go. But obviously it caused another problem for me. I will go to H and B and get some capsules.


Acidophilus tablets have been good for me too. During a recent stay in hospital I was also given Actimel drinks.

Hi joyce74 I'm going to have a look at the Actimrl drinks too.

Thank you xx

Try Nystatin liquid for your throat infection Works a treat.

Thank you tamariki I will look into it xx

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