Chest infection cleared but still wheezy

I have had a lung infection . Had 3 lots anti biotics, also 3 lots of steroids. Am clear of infection but still wheezy and need an inhaler. I seem to have developed an allergy to pollen too.

The breathlessness frightens me. I have never had anything like this before. I had a chest X-ray, clear.

I have a spirometer test in a week, but unsure if this is too soon. I have been ill for 6 weeks now. I am recovering but it seems very slow. Deep crackling in lungs finally gone.

Just had 15 days of steroids.

Went in the sea yesterday and realised I still cannot seem to breathe deeply.

I expect I have copd, but will it get better?

I've always been an active walker and swimmer

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  • Hi nice to meet you. You don't necessarily have copd and it may be you are just recovering from a very nasty chest infection. I hope so anyway.

    Copd is a progressive disease but having said that you can improve the rate at which your tissues use oxygen by exercising so it's good you are doing this. Leading a healthy lifestyle can hold it at bay for a long time and it might not progress much at all if you are diagnosed at the early stages.

    Fingers crossed though that's it's not copd.

  • Thankyou. I have just had a couple of nightmare days, cough is back with a vengeance, lungs very musical again too. No sleep last night.

    Steaming helps, I am getting very scared that this will never clear up and something has been missed!

    Will have to phone doctor again today as I don't think that I can cope as it's getting worse.

    I feel like a nuisance, can't walk far now as I have no breath!

    Thanks for all comments

  • Hi I agree with Graham. Your lungs have taken quite a battering so it will take time to recover fully. Give yourself that time and take it as easy as possible.

    You could also be suffering from steroid side effects. I know when I have just finished a course I feel very tired and low for a few days.

    Now please take this in the nicest possible way but I hope you don't have copd and that we never have to see you again on here. We don't need any new members of this club. I wish you all the best.

  • Great reply Lilac ,that just about says it all



  • Thank you Graham. Your reply was great as well.

  • Hi leesea

    I'm Graham pleased to meet you, sorry to hear you have been unwell​ but please don't jump to conclusions you should wait for your G P s diagnoses and go from there .

    With regard to your breathing probs and wheezyness and the number of antibiotics and steroids you have been given it obviously was a bad infection and that will take some time and rest to recover from ,so don't think copd or whatever untill you have answers .

    Lilaclil is right even if the answer is copd there is so much can be done to control it ,,but we don't want you to be one of us ,,,,so get well soon



  • Today has been dreadful. I collapsed in the gp surgery from coughing. I saw a lovely who told me that my lungs are full of fluid. How can this be when they were clear on Friday?

    She sent me for another chest X-ray and blood tests at the hospital. I now have to see an emergency doctor tomorrow for results.

    As you can see, breathing so bad at night I dare not sleep, cannot anyway.

    Gp wonders if I have heart failure now.

    She did think I wd be diagnosed with copd as well

    Perhaps I'm writing on the wrong forum?

    It is comforting to get replies.

    I am very scared now having always been so robust and active.

  • Hello Leesea

    Very sorry to hear that your problems have taken a downturn ,that really was a quick change of events sincse Monday /Tuesday .

    It's good that you are receiving the right medical help and advice and I and I'm sure everyone on this site hope things will soon start to improve for you

    let us know how you get on with your next appointment

    Regards. Graham

  • Last week I was so poorly it went in a blur. Chest X-ray was normal!! How can that be?

    Blood tests showed raised white cell count so infection.

    I had doxycycline for 6 days and steroids again. This week I have improved again. Am reducing steroids and am now down to 2 per day. Also had a steroid powder inhaler . I'm not sure which has helped but for the first time in weeks I feel my lungs are breathing. Walked 5 miles today including hilly coast path.

    Still fatigued and not doing much else.

    I have a spirometer test Friday and an appointment with the respiratory team On Monday.Gp thinks I must have underlying lung disease to have been so bad.

    I'm not ready to return to work . My biggest aim is to get off steroids as I think they are affecting my mood.

    Any advice about this would be welcome. This is my 5 th lot.

    3 lots of 5 days and 2 lots of 15 days?

    Is this usual!

  • Hello leesea

    Well it's all going on with you for sure ,it must have been a heavy infection​ to warrant all those meds but as you say they are doing it for you so that's a good thing and I've heard that steroids can effect moods and cause you to feel shall we say unhappy but if it's doing the job well ,. and as you say you walked 5 miles of coast path i think you did extremely well and I know I would be feeling the effects of that one so well done for that.

    Good luck with your spirometry test on Friday hope that goes well for you and hopefully get things sorted ,I always make a list of questions to ask which I feel are important.

    Thanks for reply and keep in touch or just shout if you want to discuss or chat



  • Oh dear I am awake and breathless. Usual thing happening, as steroids stop I cannot breathe again. This is very upsetting, having felt much better and no coughingnfor a few days. I really have no idea what to do next!

    Saw GP this morning and my chest was clear. Can now feel it deteriorating rapidly again.

    Very depressing!

  • Hi Leesea

    It must be very worrying for you and I'm sorry your suffering again ,in view of your recent visit to G P and clear chest there must be something he's not understanding ,maybe the warm weather humidity, or low oxygen levels in your home or area ? Inhalers, either way you have to contact G P again and explain your latest condition.

    you could also try B L F nurses

    Good luck and really hope things get better for you soon .

    Take care


  • Hi Leesea

    With regard to your message this morning ,I was wondering how you got on and did you get any help ? and of course how are you feeling now, improved I hope .

    Keep in touch


  • I had a spirometer test today and the nurse says that I have mild copd. She was very surprised, as I have no history of lung issues.

    I could breathe in above average but hard breath out was not good enough.

    Not sure what next. They say I have had bad viral bronchitus with a bacterial infection on top. I'm very fatigued althoughcough and wheeze is better. Still a bit breathless. How do you excercisewhen so tired.

    I'm a bit upset at the diagnosis .

    Not sure what's next. I walked up the coast path yesterday and had to keep stoppingas I'm still out of breath. I am hoping this will improve.Thankyou all for your support. Afraid I have joined the group!

    Don't know why my lettering is a bit nonsensical!!!

  • Stay with me Leesea

  • I have replied but it maybe in the wrong place. Thanks for all your support.

  • You take care and keep in touch


  • Hello Leesea

    How are you getting on ? ,Haven't heard from you lately unless I missed your post but really ,hoping things have improved for you !.

    Regards Graham

  • Hello Graham

    I am a bit wheezy and struggling to excercise. I just feel exhausted! I'm also a bit scared as cough has started again!

    I have a consultant appointment late July.

    I have still not returnedto work as I'm simply not right yet. This is the eleventh week! It has to be better soon.

  • Hello Leesea.

    Lovely to hear from you and thank you .

    So sorry your still unwell ,eleven weeks is a long time ,I assume you are in contact with your G P on a regular basis ? But as you say things must improve soon and I really hope so .

    Any time you want to discuss how you feel I'm here to help .

    Please take good care ,& keep in touch.


  • Thankyou. I am desperately tired all the time. Still breathless but not to the extent I was. I have little energy for gardening or walking which is not like me. Just feel I've lost my mo jo. Doc appointment next week, but I don't think they know how to help. I can believe this is me forever now!!

    Thanks for listening!

  • Hi leesea

    Please always believe things can be better and I feel sure that your GP will offer advice and help.

    Please try to remember all the things that are giving you problems as they can only act on what you tell them ,I used to write things down on paper so I could remember everything so you might do the same .

    Well I'm so sorry for you being so low but things will get better .

    If you want to chat more that's fine

    Take care


  • Good luck Leesea. Let us know how you get on with emergency doctor. Hug and xx

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