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I have been reading the posts for some time and even replied to some of the posts. Finally getting around to doing a post .I am 76 and have had CPD for over ten years. I developed COPD from my stupidity. I had an annoying cough for a couple of months and even when my mucous was green and flecked with red I just said to myself: “ coughing too hard. During this period I experienced what I now call “tsunami sleep”. I would be sitting at my computer and the urge to sleep would come and at first, I tried to fight it but eventually just succumbed to it. I learned that I “slept” for a few minutes to several hours. I never fell off the chair.I now know that it was the result of my brain shutting down activity as it went into survival mode due to lack of oxygen. One day I had a black out in the kitchen. Sitting on the floor with no physical damage from the fall I decided that I needed to see a doctor.

I went to my pulmonologist and after he placed an Oximeter on my finger he said: “ we won’t waste time taking you to emergency “. The reading was 70 and in his clinic, I was put on oxygen, vaporizer with Combivent and an injection of a gazillion( well not quite but a very large dosage) units of some antibiotic. I spent five hours there while he made arrangements for us to be able to pick up a cylinder of oxygen plus the regulator and canula. as he knew I would not go to the hospital I was on oxygen 16/7 for two weeks along with usage of Spiriva and Symbicort plus daily vaporizer with Combivent to try and remove the accumulated mucous from my lungs.

I went back to doctor and my blood oxygen content was back above 90% so I was taken off oxygen. My doctor was quite upset that I had allowed chronic bronchitis ( that could be treated ) to develop into COPD that is incurable and progressive.Until five and a half years ago I experienced the occasional secondary infection that was eliminated with antibiotics .I will stop here and leave what happened 5.5 years ago to another post as this is somewhat long.I have learned to live with COPD but have not accepted that it is incurable.

Breathe deep Breathe often

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  • Hi, l read your post with sadness as my husband Pete has COPD (chronic bronchitis) but l think for years we and medical people concentrated solely on his sarcoidosis and it seems as if COPD just sneaked in.

    I await your 2nd post and wish you well. Xxxx

  • Thanks, sassy59 .Sorry to learn that your husband travelled the same route but under medical treatment .


  • Welcome to the forum. :)

  • mrsmummy, Thank you.


  • Hi chronic bronchitis doesn't cause copd, it is the other way round. Because you ignored it for so long though it must have caused further damage to your lungs. I am glad you are taking then more seriously now. Don't beat yourself up though will you.

    Copd isn't curable at present but hopefully in the future.

  • Are you quite sure about your first sentence?

  • Yes. Bronchitis isn't necessarily caused by copd but chronic bronchitis is not a symptom but one of the conditions copd covers.

    That's what I have always understood. Have you heard differently Tee? Everyone seems to be told different things nowadays so I don't think I am even sure of my own name anymore :)

  • Tee1008: Not sure if your question was for me. I joined April 7 and have replied to three postings by others.

    If you are referring to lilaclil. My answer would be that I thought the order of progression was acute bronchitis ( lasts a couple of weeks ) - chronic bronchitis ( lasts 3 months or so ) and then COPD. I see where some consider chronic bronchitis to be COPD.


  • Thanks, Lilaclil .I should have been more accurate in my post. I allowed acute bronchitis to develop into chronic bronchitis. The causative agent was dust in the hot, dry climate where I live. COPD is not curable because big Pharma has a cash cow with "Approximately 12 million adults in the U.S. are diagnosed with COPD, and 120,000 die from it each year. An additional 12 million adults in the U.S. are thought to have undiagnosed COPD. That is just the USA - worldwide the number must be staggering.

    Lung stem cells have been identified and I am sure that a treatment will be discovered that will eliminate the word incurable.


  • Hello Sleibhin.

    How are you doing now? Are you able to get out and about? I am glad you didn't hurt yourself when you had those frequent blackouts.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you. Take good care.

    Cas xx 🌹

  • Hi Caspian: I don't get around much anymore as I have arthritis in one hip and two knees. I had one knee operation but it, to me, would have been better with no operation. The price I paid for 40 some years working outdoors in mineral exploration. Do it all over again. I use Naproxen for relief from pain but that comes with a potential side effect of a heart attack. Just love these drugs that are meant to help but side effect could kill one.

  • At least you did get the help eventually. No point looking back . Just concentrate on looking after yourself . Wishing you well. Joyce

  • Hi Joyce74: Thank you and the same to you.

  • Hello Sleibhin. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is an umbrella term used to describe progressive lung diseases including emphysema, chronic bronchitis, refractory (non-reversible) asthma, and some forms of bronchiectasis. This disease is characterised by increasing breathlessness. Lung scarring that often happens through infection causes deterioration of lung function.

    It is a progressive and terminal illness with no cure as yet. We're all different in the way that COPD affects us and many people can live a reasonably normal life for years with regular exercise and a good diet. There are some clinics mainly in the USA and India offering stem cell treatment but from what I've read, the outcomes are unclear. The quote below gives hope for the future.

    'Researchers envision that stem cells can one day be used to generate new, healthy lungs in people with chronic lung disease. ... However, if this treatment comes to fruition, people with COPD may no longer have to go through painful and risky lung transplant surgeries. It may even pave the way for finding a cure for COPD.4 Mar 2016'

  • Good reply, but asthma isn't included in COPD. See the NHS website for the difference.

  • I think the jury might be out on this one: Here are the lung or "pulmonary" conditions that fall under COPD.

    Emphysema. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease almost always includes emphysema, Dr. Pichurko says, which involves damage to the lungs' air sacs and a loss of elasticity.

    Chronic Bronchitis. ...

    Refractory Asthma. ...


  • Hi james48: Thanks .I still believe that the body can repair itself. One just has to figure out what the command is to give the "control center".

  • Are you saying that the destruction of the alveoli and the lung scarring through infection can be reversed? I admire your optimism and being optimistic and positive has a large part to play in how disease affects us. Keep on keeping on!

  • Hi janes48: I believe anything is possible

  • Hi james48: Try this again Hit reply by accident. I believe that anything is possible if one has the will and is able to harness the body's natural healing powers.

    I know this because I had the classic symptoms of Colon cancer. For personal reasons, I did not go to a doctor. It took two years but the symptoms were eliminated and have never returned. I will tell you it was a very stressful time where I cried a lot and spent a lot of time talking to my "control center" of my body. May seem "Twilight Zonish" but I survived the test. That is why I believe that no disease is incurable. Just have to find the right command to get the healing started.

  • Hi Slebhin, an amazing story about your colon cancer. I too believe in the power of the mind to help us live with illness. It's easy to give in to it. You are a positive person and I wish you luck. Be good if you keep us informed how you're getting on.

    Best wishes, James

  • Hello Sleibhin, welcome to the site you seem to understand COPD a fair bit, but do be careful of the blackouts that cause falls or you could end up with more problems take care

  • Hi Katioxo69: Thanks. I have never had a blackout since I started treatment for my COPD.

    My blood oxygen content has never fallen low enough for another blackout to occur. With my Oximeter and Azithromycin I can identify and quell any bacterial lung infection quickly.

  • i am looking forward to hearing the rest of your story!!

  • i would get bronchitis every time i flew from california to tokyo and it would hang around for 2+ months. i finally asked for an x-ray and bingo!! i just figured the bronchioles problem was from the airplane filtering system.

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