How can we tell if it's reflux mucus or lung

Me again yet another question , when I start de mukeing I'm so unsure as to where it's all coming from as I have suspected non acid reflex awaiting yet another test to decide if my gullet is working properly my consultant thinks it isn't, but sometimes it feels like I'm dragging it from my chest wall lung I'm so confused. With this horrible daily battle any clues anyone xx

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If you have acid reflux , the acid can come back up into the throat.... down into the trachea

(wind pipe ) & cause irritation , this area inturn becomes coated with mucus as a type of

protection........Then you cough to clear your tubes.

If you have a tendency towards reflux ,. Check your eating habits and don't eat late in the



Hi jo thanks for replying, apparently I have non acid reflux it is so bad it becomes so hard to breath and clear I'm wretching for hours 😞 Xx

So what is coming back.?? reflex is the stomach contents coming back up

towards the throat

The stomach contents are acid.


Hi jo, it is clear thick salty fluid the doctor as I said suspects it's non acid reflux but there is pints of the stuff when I start it's like opening the floodgates, I can feel it building the pressure at th top of my stomach I can barely breath then once I start vomiting it releases the pressure it is so awful, xx carol

Makes you wonder if there's an allergy to something......

Would be interested to hear the results...... Good luck ..


It started about over 4 years ago but the first couple of years it was hit and miss usually in a morning but steadily got worse the past two years have been hell its spiriled out of control now il let you know how it goes when I've had the test done which is not till 28 June !! Hope I can cope till then xx carol

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