Still uncertain

After having my cardioversion postponed because of low INR levels I have been eating foods that raise it and it is now 2.4 which means they can go ahead. Feeling more relaxed about it until 6pm when I had a phone call from the hospital saying that it might have to be postponed because they have had a lot of emergencies and they have a bed shortage. I pointed out that if it wasn't done soon I would probably be one of them. Had to explain that this would be my 11th cardioversion, plus an ablation and that I also had severe lung problems so I was currently able to do very little. I have never come out of af spontaneously and this was supposed to be urgent. This was 2 months ago! Just hope when I get there on Tuesday they won't send me home again.

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  • How terribly frustrating and scary Carnival. You are in my thoughts for Tuesday and l will be urging the hospital to take good care of you.

    Sending love and hugs. Xxxx

  • Thank you so much, trying to keep cheerful but it is getting me down xx

  • My fingers are crossed for you. :)

  • Thank you

  • My suggestion is turn up anyway and refuse to budge. :)

  • I feel like doing that, have already considered it!

  • It worked for me once. A consultant cancelled on me twice and the third time they rang me to say they were cancelling the appointment and rearranging it I said no, that I would attend anyway and he would damn well see me! The consultant himself rang me back and explained they were short-staffed because of holidays and I explained that was not my fault and that they should have thought of that when booking appointments. I said I was coming in the following day and he said okay. I went, I saw him and everything was fine after that. Sometimes you just have to dig your heels in. Good luck. x

  • Good luck for Tuesday Carnival. Lilian xxxxx

  • Thank you, fingers and toes crossed

  • So sorry, How unbearably frustrating for you. I am so glad you said what you did. Maybe contact your consultant's secretary? Love and hugs

    Kate xx

  • I will do if they cancel, unfortunately the bank holiday is in the way, but for the first time ever might have a tantrum!!!

  • Good. Just occasionally it is needed and the fact that you have always been so calm, rational, level-headed will really put the s***s up them. Go for it!

  • Keeping fingers crossed that all goes well on Tuesday

  • Hope everything goes well for Tuesday. I'll be thinking of you. Good luck! XXX

  • Thank you

  • Good luck for today, Carnival567

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