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any advice on plurectomy

hi everyone iv had 2 spon pneumothorax in the last 6 months im a female aged 47 and short i was told that im a rare case!!i had vats and then 2 months after that i had a plurectomy its been 4 months now and im still right side is so sore and tender it hurts and where i had my chest drains its still quite painful my question is will all the pain and discomfort go i was told i should be pain free by about july but iv read many stories where people have been suffering for years.also my family and friends have been brill but they havent a clue and its nice to talk to people who know how im feeling and what iv been through its been really hard and i don,t feel like me anymore will i ever go back to how i used to feel before all this happened?since the 2nd op things havent gone smoothly and it feels like a battle everyday just to feel ok i dont want this for the next 30 years.

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You are a rare case spontaneous pneumothorax are normally tall slim men between 40 and 48 . My husband has had a few drains were inserted and ended up having surgery to blow the glue down to seal scarring. Normally drain sites do take a while to heal as the pin they use to insert is quite large and sharp ...if you are concerned speak to your GP regarding your pain don't let it linger on hope you get it resolved xxx

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I am a 5'6" female and had 3 of the devils in less than 3 months at the end of last year resulting in undergoing pleurodesis in December. Fortunately I had no following pain. I hope yours resolves soon. x

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Hi, I've had 3No pneumothorax, (2No in last 9months) so have a bit of an idea how you are feeling. My Lungs have now been "glued" together with my chest wall using of all things talcum powder (pleurodesis). the chest pains turned into aches and only from time to time do I get further pain.

Look on the bright side it likely will get better for you.



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