Barbecuing Time - Safety First

I have just received my Air Liquide Summer Newsletter. For those of you who don't get it I would like to quote a part of it for you. This also applies of course to Gas Cookers and/or Fires....

"Your oxygen equipment and tubing should NEVER be within 3 metres (approx. 10 feet) of a naked flame which includes a BBQ. If your prescription allows you to remove your oxygen for periods of time then you must wait at least 20-30 minutes after removing the oxygen and pat yourself down before starting the BBQ or going near to a lit BBQ.

If you are permanently on your oxygen than a friend or family member should be put in charge of the cooking whilst you relax. Remember to ensure that you are a minimum of 3 metres away from the BBQ. Parents with children on oxygen must be extra careful to ensure trailing oxygen tubing does not come within 3 metres of the BBQ"

Enjoy this beautiful weather.......


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This is very good advice and a timely warning. Thank you Peter. :)

I'd love to go to a BBQ - get within half a mile and the coughing starts .... looking forward to the snow arriving (Bah-humbug!). What a miserable old £$%^&*

Enjoy your bangers & burgers!

It has the same effect on me.

My neighbours 2 doors down had a barbecue. Now my bedroom stinks, as I had my window open. Lungs don't like it at all. Think I might ask them if they could just let me know beforehand so I can make sure my windows are shut.

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