Feeling alone

This time last year I was admitted because of a chest infection my o2 was 72 they drew from my artery my oxygen levels were low they said oh copd turns out its not thank God but respitory asthmatic sitting at 85 to 93 walking I drop hard and fast and can not go far I live on oxygen but they still do not really know why hoping they will soon they sending me to a ear nose and throat doctor think maybe my nasal passages are not big enough am only in my 40 's am scared

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sorry to hear your feeling lonely we have a breath easy group where I live google it see if you have one in your area.

At our group we have people come in to talk to us bus trips meals out give it a try you have nothing to lose

Thank you for your reply l will people around think l still should be able to be like the old me they can't understand l look healthy lol God Bless you you made my day

I also started to go swimming again I met a nice group of people and we go out once a month. The other thing people don't like talking about is depression but sadly depression goes hand in hand with COPD

Hello Missyann . I am sorry you aren't doing so well right now. It is frightening when they don't know what's causing your numbers to drop. I really hope they will keep digging until they find out what's going on.

Please do come here often and let us know how you are getting on. Thinking of you.

Cas xx 🍀

Sorry to hear you're struggling st the moment :(

You are never alone on this forum 😍

Hope you get some answers soon keep posting on here people will respond and hopefully you won't feel so alone take care x

Here's hoping you get some answers soon. It always helps to know exactly what you are fighting. x

missyan,you need to try and involve your friends with your recovery,Friends have a tendency to disappear either because they don,t understand your condition or they don,i know how to handle it.if neccassary get a wheelchair or some ambulatory oxygen and ask them to help you do the things you used to do together if its going out for a walk,going to the pub,shopping ,cinema whatever rocks your boat.show them the real you agin and it will aslo help when you feel anxious or depressed.Do not try to handle everything on your own as i know from recent experience thats a hard road to travel.Always remeber you have your friends here if you are feeling low.Breathe easy my dear.Mike

Hello and welcome Missyann. Sorry you have had such a hard time with diagnosis etc. Hope you get some answers soon.

Missyann Hope you finds answers praying for you.

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