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Very expensive Portuguese beer

Very expensive Portuguese beer

He's just swallowed a bottle top

Somebody said

and pound signs or euros

just flashed through my head.


I thought to myself

this ain't gonna be cheap

It'll probably consume

my beer money for the week.


But he's a wonderful lad

and deserve'd of best

perhaps some medicine

and comfort and rest.


So we watched him and watched him

with eyes like a hawk

advice from the Internet

we certainly sought


He was sick for a couple

then good for three days

but life went on normal

in so many ways.


Then someone said

"My dog does that too "

and we began to think

twas natural thing to do.


But several weeks later

he was starting to fret

so next on the agenda

was a trip to the vet.


They soon confirmed with the help of X ray

"Oh yes there's a top in his tum "

but with the help of hostpital endoscopy team

tomorrow a result would come.


We left early the next day for Portimao

were the pets hostpital was found

and left the lad

with a capable team

who jiggeried and pockeried around.


Now I know vet fees are expensive

and the bill was eye wateringly dear

but the thing that really upset me most??

I didn't get to drink the ruddy beer.

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Oh dear Chris! Thank goodness all was well in the end. You can always get another beer, cheers! Xxx 😀🍺🍺

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Brilliant! Not the swallowing bit, of course. Terriers, I love 'em. 😀🚐

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He looks beautiful and worth every penny and you know it bless him 🐾🐾

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Hi, Chris. A wave from sunny Yorkshire. Glad it all came good in the end (except for the beer). x

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