Mom in icu

Rushed mom to hospital. She fell and was breathing gasping for air and her neck was burning up but her forehead was cool. She's in icu. In bad shape. Found a blood clot in her lung. Has pnuemonia and cdif. They had to perform a emergency procedure to remove fluid in her lung. She wasn't responsive. Now she is breathing with the tube down her throat but trying to talk and is responsive. Scaring me. I don't want to leave her side. She just had pnuemonia 2 months ago. Never been so scared like this.

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Hello Sm77 .

I am so very sorry. What a dreadful shock that must have been for you both. It is awful to feel helpless when our loved ones are hurting and unwell.

I am sure your mum is in the right place now and the hospital are doing everything they can to help her feel better.

Please do take care of yourself as well. Thinking of you both.

Cas xx 🌿🌹🌿

Thinking of you Sm77 and hoping your dear mum comes through this. Xxx

I am so sorry. I hope things improve soon.

Sorry to hear your news - sending love and good wishes x

No wonder you are scared Sm77, the news on your mums health does not sound good. That is a lot of things to take in at once, but she is in the best place for best care. As she is responsive that is a plus sign, this may take a long time for her recovery, take care of yourself as you will need all your strength to help her through. Follow your gut instinct and stay with her if you need to, time shared is very precious when someone is seriously ill. Hope things start to improve soon xx

Sorry to hear your mom is so poorly. I hope she responds well to the treatment. It sounds like she is being well cared for. Don't forget to look after yourself as well.

Sorry to hear about your mum. Hope she gets well soon :)

Your mum is a fighter - already trying to talk etc. They got the op carried out quickly - she's being well taken care of. All best wishes to you both xx

I am sorry to hear about your mother, Sm77; but you are a good son to her, and that is better than any medicine. I hope you have better news for us soon. Albert.

Sorry to hear about your mum. Glad she is now responsive. Baby steps

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