Hi all

Just really need someone to talk to right now.

I suffer with health anxiety in particular but this time round it is just too much to fathom. I have had a cough now and tickle in my throat since about December 2016 and then 10 months before that.

The two chest xrays I have had last year and in March this year was clear including bloods and lung function tests, lung function tests showed no improvement when the inhaler was used BUT I have an inhaler and when I use it the feeling of the wheeze I get in my throat (not my lungs) goes.........Now I have been given steroid nasal spray and reflux meds NOTHING is working I am waking myself up at night coughing! Feels like something is tickling my throat and cool air when I breathe in its driving me CRAZY and petrified I have terminal lung cancer and they have not detected it yet!

The GP said if the spray and med does not improve anything they will look into the more rarer causes for coughing like this i.e. CANCER....I am beside myself and going back to the Dr tomorrow......I am scared!

Sorry for the fretting but I am literally petrified they find cancer!

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It would be easy to say don't worry but I DO know what it is like to struggle to find answers. I literally went around the country seeing NHS and private consultants to find out what my breathing issues are. I have COPD and severe asthma.

What I will say is your biggest concern seems to be some form of cancer. My understanding is that cancer would be picked up by the tests you have had. I.e. X-rays and blood tests. So I think it is doubtful you have Cancer.

I hope that you and gp discover the cause of cough soon.

I am so sorry that you are so upset, it is quite understandable. I really think cancer would have shown on your X-rays. I don't want to go into my problems as this is about you but I will say I am in a similar position so I know how difficult it is. Try to take one day at a time and enjoy as much as you can let tomorow take care of itself. I really don't mean to sound flippant but it's what gets me through. Good luck at the docs tomorrow keep us posted. Rosabeth

You should speak to your doctor about your anxiety as it is a common symptom with breathing problems and I'm sure that it is not helping your situation. Sometimes I can get in to coughing fits and the more I cough the more I make it worse till my throat ends up dry and sore. I have to consciously try to control it otherwise I can't stop. And like the other replies said I would have thought something nasty would have shown up on your x rays. But please try not to worry at least your seeing the doctor tomorrow and hopefully can get some answers. Good luck

Hi kayanne1980 try and take deep breathes I know how u feel I used to suffer really bad with health anxiety you convince yourself you have an illness and can't get it out ur head and no one can convince u nothink is wrong am sure if you had cancer it would show up on blood test and X-rays as a friend of mine got diagnosed with lung cancer through X-rays she's fine now god bless her go and see ur doctor to see if he can refer u to a councillor wish you all the look if you need to private message am here to help

Hi I agree with the others. Lung cancer is pretty rare you know and it would have been picked up anyway on a chest x-ray. So rest assured you don't have it.

Are you a smoker? And have you been smoking for decades? Only 1 in 20 of those who get lung cancer are none/never smoked you know. .

Looking on your past posts I noticed that you have anxiety. Health anxiety is common and I would say it is that which is causing you so much anguish. I hope you are seeking medical help for your anxiety and that it is helping. .

Hello all

Thank you so much much too everyone its made me feel better reading your posts

Ive heard and read where xrays miss lung cancer and ct scans will pick it up most of the time and thats what is making me extremely scared.

I have got health anxiety quite bad but i am on citalopram 20mg at 1 a day BUT its the feeling if knowing that I might have something in my lungs and the longer the doctors take the worse it will get.

I was a smoker. I stopped beginning of Feb this year and havent touched them again.

I know one can cough from stop smoking but the cough started before I stopped smoking, I think this is why I stopped in the first place.

I am scared of going through the tests also and the results petrify me to so badly.

The throat gets tight and wheezy and then the tickle at night sleeping when coughing sakes me up and when i cough it actually feels good as ita a kind of vibration in my throat scratching it if you like.

This all started last year and the ENT consultant said I had Globus.

My throat gets so tight at times its like breathing through a straw and the cool air sensation starts, drives me mad.

Its good im typing this to you all as I can read it back to the Dr tomorrow as I usually just go in and cry to a GP

Thank you to everyone. I just want to feel what its like to breathe properly again.

dear Kayanne,

the normal procedure for detecting cancer is through blood tests,x rays and ct imaging.normaly compensated or enhanced through PET scans with various chemicals they can put into your blood stream to enhance or identify potentially cancerous cells.In your instance it would appear that these initial tests have given no reason for your gp to progress you on to a higher level of testing,i am assuming that you are on citalopram to try to relieve your anxiety as it is not a medicine for treating any lung conditions.Please trust in the system,as much as i have knocked it in the past.Have you asked your ent consultant for more info on his diagnosis as it may well relieve your anxietys in other areas.We are all here to support and reassure when we wishes mike

Thanks for your message. Im back at the dr today to see where we go from here, the tickling in my throat ALL the time now is driving me insane. I am very scared that the two chest crays have not picked up any lung cancer that i may have lurking causing these symptoms

Hi I think the tickling in your throat could be allergies x

My Brother has had the same symptoms, cough on and off for almost two years,main ally plucked up courage ,went private as has plan with his job.

Had had several X-Ray's which were clear.

Had a bhroncospy which found a beignine lump in throat removed last week now fine no cough, no medication.

Hope it helps although I can understand how anxious you are.

Thank you. I hope my condition turns out benign also.

It could be something very simple like an allergy. People always fear the worse which is very understandable. I hope you find an answer soon. Please keep us informed.

I'm sorry to hear how you're feeling, I hope you're dr visit will help you. I am having counselling at the mo which has helped a lot with anxious moments as I have allergy asthma. I hope you will be feeling calmer & better soon.

Hi again all

So went to the dr first time I have met this doctor and he is totally brilliant, he explained everything in detail to me and spoke to me explaining things. To keep things brief he said he believes its reflux that is causing my issue including the fact of increase in weight of 3 stone in about 7 months.

He said I am not in the category of lung cancer (it happens to people my age) BUT I have had 2 chest xrays, bloods and he is confident that this is not lung cancer BUT its self inflicted ie weight gain which is a knock on effect on the reflux.

I have been prescribed strong PPI's now to get the reflux under control and he wants to see me back in the surgery end July, he needs me to loose weight ASAP!

He mentioned that if the cough is still there end July he will refer me to respiratory clinic at the hospital BUT ONLY if I have lost weight and tried to make life style changes (which is fair I think), he is a lovely doctor and really just assured me. He listened to my heart, lungs and checked my throat and neck for swelling or lumps and nothing is evident to him that it is remotely sinister

I do feel better!

Sorry you are so scared Kayanne, I know the feeling, been there a lot. I get so many throats problems ( lung condition is bronchiectasis and asthma) , clearing my throat, dryness, pricking and have to cough and yes the feeling that someone is ticking my throat. I wonder if you've not been on reflux medication long enough or aren't taking strong enough doses? I take lansoprozale 30 which helps after been on it for ages and have been advised to follow an alkaline diet which is challenging!! Despite my lung problems my throats and cough from there bothers me almost the most. Re cancer am sure it's not that as you'd have more symptoms. Sometimes say things like ... more tests... as they don't know what to do. You could read about the UKs cough clinic in Hull. Lots of research has been done and the Professor there puts most unexplained coughs down to reflux! Good luck.. know you'll be fine xxxx

Ps it is called " silent reflux." Also I get health anxiety.. read books on it. Love and kisses x


Thank you so much for your kind words, DR a year ago told me I have reflux and he sent me for an endoscopy and camera down my nose and no reflux was detected which is strange. I have had instances where I shoot up in bed with the acid literally in my voicebox then my throat hurts for a few days so this could be silent not sure, but thank you for your kind words.

I will see how I go with the new higher dose hopefully that will cure me! xx

I too had an endoscopy and was told reflux doesn't always show up. Through my own research discovered about silent reflux and symptoms aren't so obvious as normal heartburn but I suspect you have both. Respiratory consultants seem to like to treat it quite hard with medication as it can make asthma worse. Also I read about an alkaline diet and drinking more alkaline water ... higher the ph the better. Tesco value still water is a high ph 7.8 so alkaline or the ultimate alkaline water is called .. Iceis.. get it online. Very expensive and it comes in a wine box lasting awhile. Only need to have small amounts or up to you.. lovely silky taste. If you research about silent reflux , alkaline diet, lots comes up on net. Mentioned it to my GP who was unaware of an alkaline diet. But when I told my respiratory consultant he said.. yes stick to it.. ! Also gaviscon advance can help as fairly harmless as well as a PPI drug. When I am on antibiotics for lung infections my reflux gets worse ( although taken 2 years to discover it's this and now consultant said it could be this as it's a dry throat, tickling, clearing throat feeling) I have to ratinidine as well as lansoprazole. Again good luck with difficult reflux/ throat/ cough and !!being anxious. Feel the anxiety ruins my life... always trying to do calming things like mediate, be mindful... but not easy.. long process xxxx

Thank you winter2013, I will see how I go with this PPI increase and hopefully I will be ok and my anti anxiety meds continue to work!

😉 xxx

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