Newly diagnosed with COPD and emphysema

I am 55 years old and due to my smoking for 35 years I was diagnosed with COPD and emphysema. I quit smoking almost 7 years ago but that obviously was not soon enough. I was recently admitted to the hospital due to chronic bronchitis and because I could barely breath at all.

I am feeling 100% better now, however, both of my hands have been having severe spasms that are almost unbearable!! I don't know if this is a symptom that I need to go to the hospital with or not.

I did have an acute MI when I was 36 years old which was treated with TMI (which was fairly new at the time.) The cardiologist said that the MI was caused by a blood clot which the TMI broke up. After 7 months of coumadin treatment I was released from cardiac care. Until this hospitalization last week, I was always told that the ekgs barely even showed the heart attack.

I don't want to go running to the hospital with every symptom but these spasms are severe and they cause my hands to be deformed during the spasm and the pain is almost more more than I can stand.

Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated.

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Hello Debbie2085 and I would most certainly be visiting my doctor for your hand spasms-they sound so painful. You are not a time waster, as apart from one recent visit due to not being able to breathe ,youve had almost 20 years since last needing any hospital treatment( admittedly my maths aren't what they used to be!) but you need to put your mind at rest and also to know why you are suffering in this way.

Please arrange a Doctors appt and then you will be able to tell us how it all went?

Best wishes.

There could be a number of reason for your hand problems including a vitamin deficiency. Best advice would be to discuss this with your GP. I have a feeling that these spasms are not cardiac related and should be investigated for cause.

Hi Debbie, please see your GP and tell him how much you are suffering. The spasms need to be checked out.

Wishing you well xxxx

Don't know if this is relevant or not but - a month ago my doctor prescribed Seretide and since using this I've had been getting severe cramp in my feet, legs and hands. My hands (and feet) become 'distorted' and go into very painful spasm. At the moment, and until I can get to the doctors I'm using magnesium lotion to alleviate the symptoms and pain but I'll be mentioning it to my doc the next time I see him.

I was going to ask about meds as I gets these cramps occasionly,used to be a lot and ithink it is the seretide. It did ease off after a while. But do see your GP.

I get hand cramps quite a lot especially after gripping something like my toothbrush or a cup of tea and then my hand spasms. I just thought it was due to the lack of oxygen in your muscles. I try to massage them often to get the blood flowing. But it is painful so pop and see your doctor and see if they can help.

I also occasionally get hand & leg cramps. The hands become distorted & painful. I think mine is due to dehydration, as it happened once before I began any medications. But of course mention it to you doctor. good luck! Gayle

After reading, I am wondering if you have had any lab work done lately? It sounds like you could be severely dehydrated. Losing electrolytes can cause cramps. I don't believe it is heart related but I would follow up with my doctor asap. Hopefully you can be seen soon. In the meantime I would try to be attentive to what I ate and drank that may cause excessive thirst; for example drinking alcohol. That will dehydrate you. Take care and let us know what you find out.

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