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Hi only asking

Hi need info but don't know how to start Other half has sleep apnoea think spelling is right as started coughing dry loud cough Last seen by specialist 2014 at llandough wales

Feeling tired and doesn't want to do a lot like walking gets very exhausted .Used to work as plumber and heating engineer could he have asbestos 66 years of age retired what you think please

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Tell his doctor and see what he say as lot of old buildings do still have aspestos in them and can not get it out of them as dust so plumers and electritions roofers anyone who work on old buildens for long time

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yes its possible he can have asbestoses. but its also possible that it could also be any number of things.

theres only one way to find out and thats to see his doctor.


Hi thank you for your help .

Just came from doctors his iron count is very low so has to have more tests

And take iron 3 times a day.

Chest X-ray ok still has bad dry cough having more tests ?

Thank you all for your support it is much needed to clarify what needs to be done.


Hello Witsend1 .

Any cough that is persistent needs to be checked out thoroughly. It could be one of many things and perhaps not even serious. But if he isn't feeling well in himself then he probably needs testing and the doctors will take it from there. What is being done to help his sleep issues? Sleep apnea is quite serious and would make him very drowsy during the day I imagine.

I am sure this all seems very daunting but once you see a doctor about his cough and they can run tests to find the cause, I am sure you will feel less stressed.

Please do let us know how things go.

Thinking of you both.

Cas xx 🌿🐞🌿🐝


Thank you for replying to me.

He uses a machine all night for the apnea and has been on it for years and is doing ok .

It's the coughing I'm very worried about will try again to get him see doctor??

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I think seeing the doctor would be best. xx 🌻

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Must see the doctor

Too many options

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