asthma in stressful situations

hi everyone, sorry iv not posted for a while, Ive been very up and down. but i hope you all are in high spirits today xx Im having a few down days this week... I'll tell you why,

I went to the dentist on Wednesday, which I'm fine with usually. she was doing a deep clean and had to inject my mouth (to numb it) in several places, two of which were the most painful thing I've ever had to deal with. she did the deep clean and it was so very painful, then there was a filling to do. As I sat there, suffering, and I could feel my breathing wasn't right, so i was trying to calm my self and just hoping for it to be over. Well, it just went on and on! till I couldn't handle it anymore. I sat up and that was it, i couldn't breath!! but my mouth was numb all over! I just couldn't do my easy-breath inhaler. I was shaking all over. Luckily the nurses had a spacer which had a small mouth piece for a child and i was able to use it and eventually regain my breathing - by this point I was sat in the waiting area instilling fear into her next victims..I mean patients and i just had to sit there for ages till i was ok to drive home

well, after that traumatic experience, guess what? yip I need to go back as my tooth is now half drilled and needs to be finished off. Its temporarily packed at the mo

I just dont know what to do! just thinking of going back makes me reach for my blue inhaler! So has anyone got any tips or tricks for when your in a stressful situation to help breathing... failing that just give me a good excuse so i can ring up and cancel haha xx love to you all xx marie

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Dear Moza how scary for you! The dentist should not have attempted so much all at once. The filling would have been priority.

Try and do some deep breathing and calming exercises before going again and ask the dentist to get on with the job in hand and nothing else.

Hope your next experience is a better one. Take care xxxxx

thankyou i will try calming exercises xx

thanks Graham, yes I think it was a shock as I've never had anything like that done since I've been diagnose with asthma. I think your right though about booking the appointment for when it suits me, at the mo its for in the morning so I think I'll get them to change it to afternoon. then I can take my time getting ready and getting there, rather than rushing round in the morning .. thank you xx

I'm going to take my mum, god bless her, she gets dragged everywhere (not literally lol) I should have taken her the first time, but i wasnt expecting all that to happen,

I've changed the time so i do actually feel better about that, more in control already, so i'll just take my time, i'll let you know how i get on

and thank you again xx

I bottled it on wednesday and didnt go at all hahaha

I will go back, I just didnt feel well enough.. Im on a break again from work now as well, so lots of rest and I'll have to go back when Im feeling better ... so I'll be letting you know when I need a kick up the bum to go back haha xx take care Graham

Hello Marie.

I made it a point to explain to the dentist my breathing issues. So, like Graham's dentist she is considerate and let's me have breaks quite often. She also instructed me to raise my hand if I feel uncomfortable, then she stops for me to rest. Just communicate these things to her / him. I find letting people know beforehand saves me a lot of pain and discomfort. People usually react very well and go out of their way to make things easier.

Good luck.

Cas xx πŸπŸ€πŸžπŸ€

Thank you Cas, I will definitely have a chat with her before my next appointment xx

What can help is a small dose of tranquilizer, like lorazepam, if you can get someone to drive you to and from dentist or have public transportation. Your dentist should be able to prescribe one or two tablets. I have been known to be badly affected by dental anesthesia, and when I have had to have major surgery this is what my dentist does. ( I broke my jaw some years ago, and basically had my mouth reconstructed). I normally take half a tablet night before, and then one tablet about an hour before appointment. The tablets come in different strengths so it's important to get the right dose. I would call the dental surgery and ask, or your GP should be able to help too.

I didn't know they could prescribe things like that, I will speak to my gp, as he is very good to me and knows me a lot better than my dentist, so thank you for that xx you sound like you went through a lot there, i really feel for you xx

Hi Moza-x- . I really identify with you, though I haven't had as bad an attack as you. I make sure the dentist knows I have breathing problems before work starts, and also that it takes several shots to numb my lower right jaw. I get two valium tablets prescribed by my GP beforehand if a lot of work is going to be done. During the procedure I concentrate on breathing deeply and loosening the tension in my body, rather than what the dentist is up to. And like Caspiana (though my breathing problems are not as severe as Cas's), the dentist will pause a while if I raise my hand because I need to take a break.

Hope your next trip goes well for you.

thank you, I think i will see the doctor next time for sure. I cancelled my appointment at the dentist that i had re-booked for wednesday (just past). Because I just didnt feel up to it and I thought there's no point putting that pressure on myself. So Im going to book it when I know im having a good week, the nurse remembered me straight away when i rang, i said "hi, im the lady who had an asthma attack" she replied "ooohhh Marie how are you" haha ... least I left an impression hahaha xx thanks for your kind words Ergendl xx

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