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Hi guys it's now 7 am not had much sleep and have come across this site by accident I have been a really active person playing football for the last 8 years twice a week but now been diagnose with bronchiectasis any advice would be welcome whilst on this transitional period in my life like what to do about the coughing and any good practices to help easy my pain?

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Welcome to this forum. You have come to the best place. There are several members with bronchiectasis who will offer help and advice. Apart from them the others here are funny, knowledgeable and hugely supportive.

All best wishes


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Hello and welcome to the forum. Whilst you are awaiting replies you can check out previous posts here:


Hi Clive and a very warm welcome to you. Football is good - any exercise is good provided it is within your capabilities whilst you have an active infection.

I am assuming you have had a scan to diagnose the bronchiectasis. I am wondering if you are just being seen by your GP or if you have a respiratory consultant. Consultant should really have referred you to a respiratory physio for you to learn mucus clearance techniqjues.

Here is a link which is very informative. It is going to be, along with the bronchiectasis guidelines, updated later this year but many feel it is the best info around at present.

Any questions or comments feel free to post as there will usually be someone around to offer support.


Good morning and welcome to the site. I have had bronchiectasis all of my life and so far have done everything my friends have. Cofdrop gave you a very good answer. The only thing that I would add at this point is that you are the same person that you were before they gave you the long word and that control is the key. You control it by being in tune with what your body is doing, adopting a daily routine to keep it in check and using your doctors to supply the medical help you need. That last one is not always easy because GPs can be woefully ignorant about bronch. You educate yourself then educate them. Also make sure that you have a good consultant who specialises in bronchiectasis, not just a general respiratory consultant. We are here, feel free to ask any questions.


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