Confusing results apparently!

Well went for lung function test today and at the end of the test asked for a copy of the results.. initially the nurse said I don't see why not and printed two off but then changed her mind and said I'll send two to your consultant and he can give you one as the results are confusing.. she said this result would point towards emphysema however this one does not so the consultant needs to view them with the ct scan to decide.. well I don't know what to think now! Luckily the consultant appt is next thurs so not long to wait!

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Oh dear, how frustrating for you, do feel for you. Have often found that nurses can over react more than doctors ( sorry nurses, but my daughter's one anyway!) . You'll be glad when it's Thursday. Be interested to hear how you get on and good luck. Hug and kiss x

Thanks I'm hoping she is overreacting but to be honest I know whatever I have is somewhere under the COPD umbrella so it's not a shock really just be nice to have a final answer and get on with managing the condition whatever it may be properly! Xx

Ps just told my husband who has got knowledgeable and interested over whole lung business ( as my health is effecting us big time!)... and he said a CT scan is the definitive one .xx

Yes I thought so as I did a bit of googling this afternoon so looks like I have to wait until thurs xx

I think results are always difficult to interpret, mine are anyway. I went for an oxygen assessment this week, the doctor said he didn't understand what was going on, he had never seen anyone respond like I did.

Glad I'm not on my own!

No we're definitely not. This is why I love this site. Good luck

Thank you

You are most welcome xx

Thank you I will wait and try to leave google alone..the process has taken nearly 3 years so a few more days won't make any difference really!

That's good.Make sure your consultant follows through

Lung tests including Spirometry in isolation can paint a very confusing picture of your condition. A CT scan will give a more definitive answer but we are all so different the affects will be different in each of us. My best advice would be to make a list of how you are affected now in daily life to give to your consultant. That way he will get a full picture of you and not what the machines and tests tell him.

Thank you I will make sure I do this before I go it's good advice as it's easy to forget when you get there x

I have kept a copy of most of my LFT exams. They show me how my COPD has got worse over the years.

Good luck Knicho and who knows! If your problem has not yet been diagnosed, you could end up swimming the channel.

Thanks who knows! I very much doubt it though as the consultant was pretty sure I had bronchiectasis last time I was there.. think it's a case of deciding what it is rather than if there is a problem unfortunately.. I remain positive though 🤞

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