What exercises is everyone doing that is helping them with breathing problems I find myself really breathless on exertion . I was put on a different inhaler yesterday. Seebri breezhaler in place of my tiotropium has anyone had any good results from this.

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  • What exercise you chose will depend on your individual abilities. The idea is to exercise until a little breathless but not until you are gasping for breath. Start slow and do just a little more each day. Check out some of the videos in our 'Informative videos' pinned post to get you started: healthunlocked.com/blf/post....

    There are more videos on YouTube.

  • Hello maas . I walk as much as I can and recently have been trying out breathing exercises for COPD that I found on YouTube. To be honest walking is becoming more difficult for me. Here in Japan, it is starting to get more humid this really doesn't help. I do however have a treadmill so I can also walk indoors. I feel less out of breath walking on the treadmill than I do outdoors. It really depends on what you can manage without over exerting yourself and getting too knackered. I used to be on Seebree but was changed because it didn't help me much but everyone is different.

    Wishing you well, enjoy your weekend.

    Cas xx 🐝🐞🐝🐞

  • Hello Cas, I really enjoy reading your informative posts. How are you? Lilian xxxx

  • Hello Lilian. How nice of you to ask. I am managing as best as I can. πŸ˜€ Some days are better than others. But you'd know that too. Your kind thoughts are much appreciated. How are you? xx 🐞🐝

  • I am very well thank you Cas. Some days I feel as fit as a fiddle. I hope the time goes quickly for your big operation. You're only very young and so will be able to cope better. Meanwhile, look after yourself. You give so much to everyone. Love Lilian xxxxxx

  • 😘😘😘

  • Cas is such a jewel, always willing to help and be supportive to everyone.

    I hope things improve for you.

  • I have recently been put on Seebri breezhaler after many years of being on Atrovent, a change which I am now bitterly regretting. In fact today I have gone back to using Atrovent which, fortunately, I didn't dispose of when the change was made. Obviously we are all different and Seebri breezhaler might well be ideally suited for you. But be aware that it might not, and don't carry on using it too long after that becomes clear, as I appear to have done. I'm still trying to contact my respiratory nurse between wheezing, gasping, and coughing. :-o

  • I haven't started taking it yet. It's replacing my spiriva It's can't be so new as I was reading a post on it last night and it was 4 years ago. How did it affect you so badly

  • I don't want to put you off from using Seebri breezhaler, it might be the best inhaler for you. In my case (I'm 85) I have other complaints that can give rise to problems and it's not always easy to identify the cause. By the time it becomes clear what the cause is things can have got pretty desperate. Keep in touch and let us know how you get on with it.

  • I will do. And thanks for your. advice. I'm also on Relvar Ellipta and it seemed ok when I first went on it last June but I don't think that it as good as it first seemed maybe that happens as the disease progresses. I am having other tests done regarding my heart. So I wonder if that what causes my breathlessness.

  • Swimming is good if you can manage it.. I started about a month ago and it's made a real difference. However I know some people on here have said the chlorine bothers them

  • I was in my local hospital earlier in year where there was no encouragement to exercise. I left there after 22 days very weak and hardly able to walk. I've just left the Brompton after 14 days where I was put through my paces in the gym everyday, bike, treadmill, sit to stand exercise and weights. I've left there feeling energised, breathing no better by the way though. I'm continuing to exercise at home on exercise bike which I keep in kitchen and pedal away whilst watching snippets of news etc on Tv. I've been prescribed home oxygen, first delivery last week, to use during exertion. I've been very reluctant to use it, thin edge of wedge etc, but I use it whilst peddling and made my debut with it in local shopping centre during week and found it very helpful. I thought people would look at me, if they did I didn't notice!! A little exercise is better than none and small bursts are better than a long session. Even getting out of chair, if you can manage it and getting a drink frequently is exercise. Good luck. Joy.

  • Joy,

    Getting used to oxygen can be difficult at first, but remember it has been prescribed for a good reason, to protect your vital organs. When we're ill we have to learn to set aside our dignity and our vanity because there is nothing more important than our health. Once you accept this then you will learn to enjoy the great benefits of oxygen therapy. I've been on it for 9 years now and without it I couldn't leave the house. I live on it 24/7 but wouldn't be without it. Good luck for the future, it's not all doom and gloom.

  • Ahh! Thank you. I know it's for my own benefit but sometimes these things are hard to accept. With encouragement from people, such as yourself, I'll get there. I only have to use it if I feel I need to. Hospital are hopeful that it could be a temporary thing or are they just being 'nice' to me! Haha!! We'll see. Didn't use it today in supermarket as I walked very slowly and granddaughter did the fetching and carrying. Joy.

  • Hello joy I've been looking out for you wondered what had happened regarding oxygen .I think it's fantastic that you have already been out shopping with it a real achievement .You are a lot braver than I am how many hours are you on it for m glad you have started in such a positive frame I'm afraid that I am never going to be in a good place keep well xxx

  • Sorry, I'm here. I do disappear from time to time! My daughter was here for a few days that's why I plucked up courage to 'go public'. I did put cylinder in a nice designer (haha) bag on my shoulder, it's just one of the tiny cylinders, I ditched the hikers back pack! I felt good walking around shops, did ask daughter on occasion, 'are people looking at me'? She said no but even if they were I was quite happy and felt I looked quite smart and in control. I hope you can build up a little confidence and launch yourself in public too. I live alone so I have to go out or I'd vegetate! I don't have anybody to shop etc for me. Joy xx

  • I take my hat of to you joy I really do you are so brave I just can't get the pain and sweats under control and I just sit and panic after 6 month nearly I hoped that things would have improved once again well done joy xx

  • Oh dear! As you're in pain that's very hard for you and sweating too that's enough to make you feel panicky. I'd love to hear that you've been out, oxygen too but I'm sure it's very hard when you're suffering in pain. Fortunately I'm pain free, short of breath but not a lot else at present. Hospital sorted chest infection with IV's that I've had since last September. Local hospital tried for 22 days but no effect. I've lived on prednisolone and antibiotics since September, think I've been through entire list. I've recently been prescribed an antifungal, although I've had aspergillosis for years this is first time it's being treated .... watch this space! Joy. X

  • Hi joy yes being in pain and horrid sweats low sats and high heart rate makes it all so difficult li am pleased you have none of these long may it continue think I picked the short straws I'm glad your infections finally been sorted out i have just finished abs and steroids on Wednesday seem to have been on them constantly this year and the IV ciproflaxin do you have help in the house how many hours are you on oxygen for xx

  • Nope! No help with anything. I do everything for myself albeit rather slowly. I've tried to get a little minamilistc here at home. Got rid of ornaments, curtains, have blinds and very little carpet. If I feel really unwell I get a grocery home delivery but don't like doing that as it means I don't get out and get a bit of exercise or see anybody. Oxygen is for exercise or when I need it. Maybe I've not interpreted that right yet but I'll get there. Hopefully!! I downsized a few years ago and moved from a house to a bungalow. It's got a decent sized garden and I still manage to potter around in that, once again at a snails pace. No gardener, just me and my son cuts the grass occasionally. I can't take cipro my kidneys have a bad reaction to it. X

  • Good that you don't need to have oxygen regularly I'm afraid I have not learned to cope with it. Yet and seem to live in constant fear and panic I was resistant to all abs so put on cipro. IV then after 10 days sent home with 2weeks worth ended up in A&e given more then when they finished doctor gave me Doxycillin which are useless just finished them Wednesday take care xx

  • Thank you. I'm sorry I can't help you in someway but we are all different and deal with things our own way. Do you have a garden? Have you tried sitting outside with your oxygen, just to get feel of being outside? X

  • ,joy messaging on this site is a help makes you feel less alone even though I have my husband if I say to much he gets upset but tries not to show it .Funny you should mention the garden on Thursday Frank talked me into sitting in the back garden so he got chairs out put parasol up then the sun went in oh well I did try xx

  • Thank you Joy 123 I too am on home oxygen. I'm waiting for results from a 24 hour ECG monitor and an echocardiogram. I'm a bit worried about exercising until I get the all clear from them. The exercises that you do. We're the same as the ones at the rehab classes. Which I had to stop until I was put on oxygen. All being well I hope to resume the classes. And I will try some of them you mention at home

  • I hope you get some good news and are allowed to exercise. I know actual exercises are a pain but you definitely feel better and proud of yourself if you can manage something. Are you on oxygen 24:7? I'm only as and when needed. As my prescription was for 4 tiny cylinders I can't be too needy. I'll have to get it altered if I feel I need more. Joy x

  • Sounds like you only need in the short term xx

  • I have found the Seebri Breezhaler is a great help to me.When I get up in the morning I am always breathless and needing to get rid of phlegm.I don't like taking medication on an empty stomach so as soon as I've had my breakfast I use the Seebri inhaler.I have found it to be a great help to me within a few minutes getting less breathless and helping me to get phlegm up.I don't know how I would manage without it!Hope it helps you.

  • maas,

    Hi try to get onto a pulmonary re-hab course, there they teach you how to best breath, in through the nose out through the mouth (Like a blow) then deep breath in through the nose etc. You get less breathless the fitter you get. It takes time to train the breathing as many of us breath through the mouth in/out, wrong. Nose - mouth. Exhale as you bend down to tie laces etc or pick things up. Keep inhalers as back up especially if you get really puffed.


  • I run marathons every week, then I fall out of bed and wake up.

  • I do too but genuinely dream that I've been running. I've had bad lungs since a baby so have never been able to run in my life! Very strange dream to have.

  • You need to work out your own regime as we have different capacities in our conditions. I was diagnosed copd stage 3 Jan this year .

    I'm attending PR which is beneficial 're exercises and breathing techniques.

    I walk daily use a treadmill and stat bike I lift weights but I never overdo my limits and know when to rest it's trial and error to begin with moderation in most things good luck but take advice from GP or rehab team

    Angie xx

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