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Can anyone give an explanation for why my blood oxygen levels drop after using my flutter device?

One day, I decided to put on my pulse oximeter while using my flutter device. I noticed about a minute or so after using the flutter device I had a sudden drop in blood oxygen levels. It usually doesn't last for very long, maybe around 30 seconds. It does however get quite low, around the low 90s, then it works its way back to to the normal range of saturation.

I was just wondering if anyone had noticed anything similar?

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  • Don't think that is anything to worry about for such a short time. I'm on oxygen and mine drops to about 90 when just moving around the living room.

  • Perhaps you are blowing too hard? I have used the Flutter for a couple of years without a problem. But I find any effort doing anything brings my stats down quickly but they usually recover quickly unless I have an infection.

  • Mrblue

    I'm sure it will be to do with the exertion of using the Flutter, and as long as the levels recover there isn't anything to worry about.

    I think most peoples drop when they exert themselves. My levels plummet but recover after rest ?

    Take care


  • Using a flutter device calls for more oxygen to be used so your level drops. This soon recovers, so there is nothing unusual or abnormal about it.

  • Low 90's seems normal for COPD. What does your doc think?

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