Update on working and caring

After many deliberations and draft letters to my boss and discussions with Mick I decided to tell it as is to my boss about Mick and my caring /working role as expected it was a bit emotional 😢 but I did it 😃 I also spoke to Mick about our finances and if we could afford for me to work part time now that his health is declining as a result of that I asked my boss if that would be a possibility and she said yes so at the moment that is being sorted out .I do feel better for speaking to my boss and I know the pressure will be lifted balancing work and home once I go part time . Many thanks for your support and Hope you are all feeling well today and the sun is shining were you are Pam😄

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  • Good for you Pam, it must be such a relief to you and now you know where you stand. I am sure things will work out better.

    Sunshine and cloud here but dry so far. Take care xxxxx

  • Hi Sassy I do feel I've done the right thing and it is a relief my boss was very understanding sometimes thinking about doing something is worse than actually doing it !!!. Have a good weekend Pam xxx

  • You have a good weekend too Pam. Xxxx

  • Ah well done it's such a relief I bet to have that weight gone ...upwards and onwards glad you feel better and yes the sun's out after 2 days rain just been for a walk love the smell after the rain

    Enjoy xxx

  • Hi Angiecbr Yes such a relief I love that smell too like to listen to rain at night when I'm cosy in bed Have a good weekend Pam xx

  • Hi Pammi

    Hopefully won't be as wet this weekend it's been a bit hit and miss thisweek...i love the sun enjoy your weekend

    Angie xxxx

  • I'm so pleased that you've reached a decision and I hope that everything goes well for you.

    Take care. Pam XXX

  • Thank you Pam xx

  • Hi

    Good result.

    Check for any benefits you may be entitled to.


  • Thank you Stone I will check out the link you posted.

  • Pleased that you have made a decision and hope everything goes well for you both a little less stress xx

  • Hi Time 2 drink yes we both could do with some days without any stress xx Pam

  • Well done for taking action and getting a result. Good link from stone-UK above.

  • Thank You

  • Good to hear you plucked up the courage! 😊

  • Thank You

  • So very glad you managed to have a word with your boss don't forget to contact CAB or maybe Jobcentre to see if you can claim any more allowances & if Mick is getting worse maybe his Allowance can go up? God Bless you both & keep us updated XXC

  • Yes I will Christabella thanks for your advice xx

  • so glad for you that things are getting sorted, I have been where you are and its soul destroying . good luck

  • Thank you Maggie I'm trying to stay strong and positive but yes soul destroying Pam xx

  • Sounds like a weight off your shoulders. Take care :)

  • Yes it was thank you ☺

  • Great outcome Pam. You must feel so much calmer now.

  • Yes thanks I do ☺

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