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What A ........ UP GP Out Hours Service To Name A few

Well 9 o'clock last night found my self checking my dad over after hewoke saying he could not breath propper and it hurt him to breath in.

Looked ok but he had rash on nuckle i thought might be shingles but had no rash anywhere else.

But what i have noticed of late is myoclonus when he's sleeping enough to disturb he's sleep.

With is dementia i thought best phone out of hours doctor to give dad once over.

So phoned gp practice then phoned number for out of hours AND that just rang out.

So i phoned 111 and what a farse that was WOMEN told me gp's out hours is no longer covered so its 111 that covers it now.

Clearly 111 need to learn a few lesions AS dementia patients don't fit in there little tick box operation.

And asking them about pain and stuff when they forget is ridicules.

Following my previous complaint where my dad had broke femur dislocated hip AMBULANCE service are trying to say traumatic hip dislocation brakes are none emergency grade 4.

Yet when you talk to a proper doctor they are a medical emergency.

Then i try phoning district nurse as gp could not be arsed sorting blood test out after my dads hospital stay and given he's kidney injury water tabs he's now on 4 times phoned and left msg and still waiting.

Its good job we are not dieing AS would be waiting for treatment or someone to answer phone tou back

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Hi Jeff sorry to hear you are having problems with out of hours cover. Does the community Psychiatrict services not cover your fathers situation. ? I found 111 no help in the past but thought it had been improved , guess not. I was advised if something happened to dial 999. But your experience of that was disasterous. I told my doctor that patients were suffering as there were no back up community services in place. There is only so much a community service can provide, or a surgery come to that, as you find out each time your father has a crisis. When I have a crisis , ( I live alone by the way) I play the waiting game like you and hope it passes or struggle to my GPs half an hour away. I am much fitter than your father of course. This stress is not good for your health either. Prtobably a shortage of respite care in the community too with all the cut backs. Isn't it frustrating ? Hope your dad was Ok and yourself. Take care and look after yourself.


That's awful Jeff. Hope your dad's ok.

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How is your father now JAS? It's terrible how the help is not always out there and dementia is not understood at all! If Petes mum (alzheimers) was ill and a doctor asked her how she was she would say she was fine thank you.

Hope dad is doing better today and you are ok too. Sending best wishes to you both. Xxxxx


So sorry to hear about your continuing struggles, JAS. Can only hope things will improve but nor sure they will.

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