Pip assessment

Just recieved my assessment results and have been refused.

Was ill on day of assessment so got son in law to drive me to the centre very sob and unsteady on my feet .when i.saw the assesser answerd all.questions did motor test exlpained couldnt walk far didnt go out much on account of my breathing difficulties and copd. Thought it went well.how wrong i was. The lady i.saw.was very nice but she said i walked with ease went out daily to see family and shopping .all the opposite to wich i said.my son.in law could not believe what she had put down .now putting in for a manditory concideration.

Truly gutted .dave

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Oh no what a bummer. I am so sorry Dave. Glad you are going for manditory consideration. It might be an idea to contact a benefit expert at Welfare Rights, CAB or DIAL who may help if this goes to tribunal. Hope you get the result you hoped for following the mc.

Love cx

Hi cofdrop ive rang and got an appointment with a welfare worker from my wifes work who was a great.help last time .just shocked and upset.thanksdave

I'm not surprised Dave. Glad you are getting some advice.

Good luck.


Keep fighting for PIP. You deserve the cash payments to help you carry on living. The Government is giving assessors the power and incentives, to stop paying out cash!! Fight for your Rights!!!

Poor you; i have heard many stories of lies being told ; yes, appeal and in the mean time gather every single bit of evidence that you can in support of your appeal/ get GP /Specialists to write letters too. x

Had allready sent photostat copies of hospital admissions test results ect. But will be going to drs and.specialist .at moment am battleing pnuemonia bug with steriods and abs dont have much energy

Thats crazy, and now Pneumonia! Get plenty of rest then, and good luckx

So sorry you were turned down, I am also expecting to be turned down. Please let us know how your appeal goes. Which centre did you go to.xx

Highlamds health centre brans holme.will let you know the outcome of appeal thanks dave

Hi hullrlfc ,the powers that be seem to be a law unto themselves. If you have an illness which is regarded as "chronic" I.e. COPD and alike,then why oh why are they making it so blooming difficult for people who are only going to get worse in the long term? Some of the terrible tales I've either read about or been told ,leave me wondering if again its a "postcode lottery"?

Disgraceful really as to complete the masses of questions on their forms,leaves you feeling stressed and that's not taking into account the actual medical-Ive left my medical in tears before. The company that runs the medical assessments,I'm sure makes PLENTY of money too.

Sorry for waffling but it makes my blood boil when I hear of people like yourself being treated so unfairly. Do keep us in the picture with any news,won't you?

Wishing you well.

The problem is that PIP is paid out on how much your illness effects your daily living,not on the illness itself. As we read on here daily everyone is so different,some of us can barely move others are still in fulltime employment and enjoying life (and good luck to them). But when we tell assessors we have big problems then that surely must be considered.

Disgusting. These assessor are paid to refuse as many people as possible! Not all are fully medically qualified! Appeal it all!

This is awful and I hope you win your appeal. I have heard around half of appeals are successful.

please keep fighting you deserve the money xx

How disgusting are these people trying to trivialise what is happening to our bodies and putting so much pressure on us that we may give up Dave I hope you have the strength to keep the fight for what you deserve going best wishes

Dave. My husband just said he bets they have to make a certain number of refusals each day and it's the luck of the draw and they are hoping people won't appeal

I agreexx

And me.

You too sorry to hear that. Chin up.together .keep trying.dave

What i couldnt understand is i had been getting standard rate for last three years but had to appeal to win that and that took me 18 months .now my condition is worse and im still fighting.but i wont give in dave

Don't let the B........ds grind you down

Bet Franks right. Wonder how many people just walk away.

What a waste of your time. It was probably a forgone conclusion before you went in - they had reached their quota. Don't accept it! Lilian xxxxx

I would like to thank everyone for there kind words i will keep fighting and keep you posted keep well all and many thanks .dave

How they get away with lying is beyond me ... pity you didn't think to video the interview ... on the quiet of course .... Chin up a lot of folk get it after an appeal xxxx

Sorry to hear this Dave, sadly it is becoming the norm these days. Appeal. Sorry they seem to have taken to lieing to save paying out. Another thing I noticed these forms are so tick box i.e it asks how far you can walk for instance no question about how out of breath you get, how tiring it is for you or if you are in pain and there does not seem to be boxes to put any comments in or am I looking at the wrong form on line? Dave I still leave home to do my shopping ect but not without pain ect, how does one explain that on a set of questions that don't ask for the right details. You will need help to take this further and the process is not quick or easy but every best wish and good luck.

Thanks katieoxo60 am getting help now.i know it will be a fight but i wont give up.im 63 and have been told you can only get it till.65 dont know if thats right. Dave

65 was the age Dave, but even that as changed. It is about working age these days i.e 16 to 66 or 67 not sure for PIP. But if you persue your claim has to go from your age at application. So try to keep the claim current till you get an absolute decision. Good Luck

Hi my husband is 68 and just been awarded it for another 5 years. Full mobility and standard care. Regards

Ask for a full copy of the decision, you are not automatically provided with this but are entitled to it. For anyone going to future assessment if you do wish you can ask to record the assessment, this is also your right. You may think you would not need to do this, but I too had outright lies told on my report. However I asked for a mandatory reconsideration, this was refused, I went to appeal and won my appeal with the support of a local adviser. I believe there is a very high percentage of appeals won. It is hard work but please don't be disheartened, you also had a witness with at the assessment get his witness statement. Unfortunately I never took my son-in-law into the assessment with me so had no witness, but I still won my appeal.

Yes my son in law will right a statement out for me.he cant believe how.they have lied .im gled i had a witness and am hopeing for a good result. Dave

How can these people blatantly tell lies when a persons health and well being are at stake? What sort of people are they for gods sake? I wouldn't except a job like that for any amount of pay. This has disgusted me. I really hope you find justice, and get the decision reversed. As if people struggling with ill health don't have enough to contend with, without the stress of these appeals. Shame on them. Good luck !

Don't let it go, your not the 1st that's been treated like that, how many points did you get? Its the decision makers at DWP that make the mistakes,take it as far as you have too.

Ive.been unable to work the last3years only 2points short on mobility and 4 on daily living

Thay don sam to my girlfriend refused as thay didant look at medical syed of form eny help live in neath mit go tribunal her self pain thay get way with that

So sorry to hear this. We have experienced that same. An assessor who had an eagle tattooed on his head, tattoos on his arms and a blatant lying bully. My wife who is very seriously ill went from full disability and mobility to basic disability with no mobility. She has had this for nearly 25yrs. She is 68 tomorrow. I care for her. I myself have cancer and am advised that having had keyhole surgery for prostrate removal it is now back. Through hard graft all my life my spine is ruined and hence I cannot have radiotherapy my cure my cancer..Basically they have won through lies and corruption. It has been proved that Attos have been lying time and time again yet their corrupt reports are still accepted. We struggle day to day and rarely go out now. I have not claimed for my disabilities, was going to and also appeal against my wife decision but am to exhausted to bother. Shame on these people for what they are doing . Good luck on your reconsideration. They refused ours which was a forgone conclusion. Go for an appeal.DB.

So.sorry to hear this makes.my claim seem trivial .please dont give up. It is our right to fight if we dont pull together they will always win .i have been truly moved by the people of this comunity and feel i am fighting a common cause now.and will fight as long as i can .dave

Hi, many thanks for your care and understanding x

Did you get. Repsention . In my case at first I got the lowestcare only. Then Thames reach. Helped and got top. Care and mobility. Good luck. They them. Assenment jokers. Get. A body of. Pro people. Apply on your behalf.

Hi tricity125 yes.went to cab as the reprocentative i had last time was away.cab helpef me fill form in and attacj photo copies of.test results and hospital release forms.also list of drs ,and specialists even pulminary rehab .so.thought i had enough info. I now have my old rep back on track .dave

Also there's a thing I heard. That. If you cannot. Walk a certain distance I did 8/9. Yrs. so not sure. But it was 50 meters. Then I heard somthink 30meters. They. Are a joke but. Remember. Get. Get. Representation. Go online in your area. Find the bodies of. Care. Worker surrport if in sticks go to nearest. Big town city. That's your 1 st. Thing. Let. Fill it out for that's standard in London. It makes. Mad. Honest. People like as very ill. And them. Forms are a joke. Honest. It. Makes me so mad. Just shaking my head. Don't worry. You get back pay when sorted. My sister. Got. £2000. Then. £5000. So. They do back pay. Get your. Dr on board. Even though last time my Gp. Wrote me a letter cost me £25. R. U. Bad. I mean. Really. Breathless. Also how long. U. Been ill.

The distance is now 20 metres.

That's realy sad and off puting. Yes I can ( on good days ) go to shop 20 steps from parking panting a recovery in shop , !!

A friend said to me ,". Look be grateful you haven't lost a leg ( sincere apologies to ang one who has) I replied ," to loose a leg is not normal and must be awful ,! How ever to be able to breath is normal the lowest form of life and every organisim ( spelling ) breaths , and if you can't breath you die ! , it's happened to me twice and twice ive been revived

I truly think some people don't understand the disability we realy have yes I can walk a good few yards on a good day but ask me to carry shoping I'd do three yards !

Sorry not good news ! but I'm at the stage where if I can enjoy my friends and my daughters visits ( she in Wales , me norh iof Scotland ) I'm lucky !

Try not to be too upset , but you keep trying

From what you say I think we have to start taping or videoing these meetings ourselves - it seems there are far too many cases where what is actually said gets changed by the assessors in their reports.

Sorry to hear your outcome hope you appeal it,lm wondering are you allowed to record your interview when you go in

Please make sure you put appeal in writing NOT over the phone and try and get as many letters of support from gp nurses pr ect as you can above all dont give up. Good luck (i had the same problem with mine. I was surprised at what she had written compared to what was said)

I also have been kicked off I am fuming it's awful how can they say that when I have been on disability. For a few year on infinite payments for life, on my form they said I had a medical,. I did not,. They said I walked ok, and I could do the tasks they set me to do, I had No tasks to do,. They have just put a load of lies,. I hope yours goes ok, I am putting in for a mandatory consideration, fingers and Everything crossed,

It's disgusting what they are doing. I am dreading my decision. Hope you are going to appeal xxx

Ring pip and ask for the pa4 form. It's what the assessor has written and also ask for the statement of reasons ( I think that's what it's called now) . You will then know exactly what the assessor wrote on the day of the assessment and also the report that the decision maker used to base the decision on.

I would then go through the pip descriptors and write out exactly how each activity leaves you feeling. If you can't do an activity 100% of the time then u are entitled to the points. To receive 0 points for each activity you must be able to do each activity safely reliably and in a timely manner. If you can only do this 50% of the time then you should be awarded full points

I have just sent my form in to transfer from DLA to PIP, not holding what little breath I've got. think I will be refused. Good luck with the mandatory consideration

That's disgraceful I hope you win your appeal. I work 18 hours a week I have to leave my flat half an hour start my shift at 3 pm by the time I get to work I want to go to sleep so I'm standing all my 5 and a half hours have a 20 minute break finish at 8 walk home slowly get out of breath quick get home for half 8 then have something to eat then in to knackered to stay up I have a bath then bath take me dog out as there's no one else to take her. I would love to finish work as in always tired by the time I wait for my shift at 3pm I finish work next march seems so far away when all you want to do is rest and go to sleep.


the same thing to me I asked for a mandatory reconsideration that also asked them the evidence on which they made the decision I submitted for a mandatory reconsideration which was refused. I had a similar thing that what I had told the assessor was not what she told DWP or her bosses. I said I wanted to appeal and got advice at that point from the CAB. Also got a letter from my GP supporting my client (had to pay 18 quid for the and she didn't really want to do it but I persuaded her). At that point the DWP caved in and changed their decision. I think if you stand up to them and they realise that they all look bad at appeal they will give in. So I would say to you........persevere and stick out for what you deserve. Good luck. Best wishes.

Sounds very like my assessment with the same outcome ,they take what you say and bend and twist it if not downright lie. Phone them to ask for mandatory reconsideration and ask for a full copy of the report, you will need it to help with appeal if MR is unsuccessful.

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