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fibrosis adhesion's ?

fibrosis adhesion's ?

Since i sufferd lung obstrution following trying to give up smoking a coughed up piece of lung tissue as been pepping my head.

Am i looking at Lung Fibrosis from bubbles i would say yes BUT what is funcky pattern is it bronchiectasis fibrosis adhesion OR plaque consoladation OR patterned granuloma OR calllcum.

Anyway had IDEA to print out picture and ask my lung doctor IS worry not that am coughing stuff up BUT funky patern on material especially as its star shaped.

When you look cliser you can see what i belive to be Asbestos fibers

Bubbles at edge are emphysematios changes I guess other word for lung fibrosis

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It's good that your doctor is taking it seriously JAS and l'm hope you get some answers. Take care xxxxx

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