Asthma - excess mucus production (I'm new here)

Hi, I was diagnosed with Asthma 2 years ago, however have been unable to get it fully under control. I have tried a variety of inhalers and other medications which have offered varying degrees of assistance but it has never been under control. I now produce lots of extremely thick mucus and have blocked sinuses pretty much all of the time. I have had loads of scans, xrays, blood tests etc. but no doctor has been able to identify the issue. My peak flow is consistently high which to me is strange if I have asthma. I wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience and if so have you managed to find a solution? Could it be that my medication is causing the overproduction of mucus? Any help very much appreciated.

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I wish I could help but I have the same problem, except my peak flow is low. Mucus, blocked sinus .....I have been awake with a headache and sinus pain......I tried many different inhalers too. At the moment I have Clenil.

Antibiotics do help for a while, but my nurse practioner says I have oral thrush so I am using Nystatin now to see if that makes a difference.

Could I ask, are you drinking plenty of water to help thin down the mucus? Are you on any antihistamines?

Yes drinking lots of water, not on antihistamines but have been tested for allergies and don't have any :/

At the risk of repeating remedies you may have already tried, I have similar problems and have used the following with a degree of success:

NeilMed Sinus Rinse from the pharmacy

N Acetyl Cysteine (to help thin mucus) a supplement from health food shops

Montelukast prescribed by the GP

If you are not already familiar with them, read up to see whether you might wish to try them. They help some people but not others, so it is hit and miss.

Carbocysteine (which is arguably better than N Acetyl Cysteine... & regulated) can be got on prescription.

I have been on carbostiene for nearly 2years now and it is still working for me

Hi Tombacon I was also diagnosed with asthma in November 2015 after coughing daily for about 4 years. Since then I have had 4 -5 chest infections requiring antibiotics and steroids and am taking fostaire inhaler daily as well as Avamays nasal spray, carbocistiene (6 daily), nystatin because there was 'scanty' amount of candida in my last sputum sample and most recently Zithromax (antibiotic) 3 times a week. I get breathless and tired but like you my last spirometery showed breathing to be ok. I also have lots of mucus that is sticky and white but am still none the wiser as to what's going on. I have also had chest X-rays and a ct scan which have shown nothing. Have you been referred to the chest clinic ? I have just had my second appointment there and they do seem keen to get to the bottom of things. I can totally sympathise with you and hope you find out what's going on soon. Perhaps we should compare notes. Wishing you all the very best ๐ŸXx

Sounds exactly the same, have had a couple of appointments at chest clinic but the doctors are still unsure, will let you know if they find anything

Great, likewise. Sending positive thoughts and Welsh cwtch (hug) ๐Ÿ X

Forgot to say at chest clinic last week they confirmed I don't have asthma ! ๐Ÿ

This is odd, there must be something wrong to have all this mucus. If your peak flow is good it could be that your asthma is under control. CT scans don't lie and would show any lung disease.

Great suggestions above to use a nasal douche for the sinuses and to drink plenty of fluid. Have you thought about anything in your diet that could be aggravating the production.

Try calling the BLF help line, 03000 03055, UK office hours 9-5.

Sinus rinse is great for relief, search Amazon for comparison prices, alternatives.

Pedantic: Having been tested for allergies doesn't mean you haven't got any - just not the ones you were tested for, 12 in the scratch/blood test.

Are you still smoking?

And have they considered/checked silent acid reflux?

Yes Tom it could be that or it could be Bronchiectasis, mine was discovered very recently via an MRI. I stopped using asthma puffers because I wondered if they were causing the sinus and mucus problems (and I don't miss them at the moment) which now have been controlled better by using Azithromycin Tablets 250mg three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I am told I could be on these for a considerable time and am also waiting for NHS Chest Physiotherapy as it is important to clear the lungs - some info on this link I tried Carbocisteine which immediately brought on a painful rash and swelling and am advised there is nothing else available to thin mucus apart from drinking lots of water. If it IS Bronchiectasis you will probably need standby antibiotics kept at home along with Prednisolone steroids so that if you get an infection you can treat it rapidly. Do request an MRI, mine also showed up a hole in the lung. Hope this is of some help to you, take care.

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