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Flare up and lung function test booked!

Well after feeling really well the last couple of weeks I've now had another flare up of my symptoms.. I've coughed so much my ribs and back are really painful! Anyway I've got a lung function test on Friday and I'm now worried they are going to send me away if I tell them and I've been waiting ages for it!!!

Does anyone know if you have to be 100% well to do the tests?

Thank you 😊

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Hi Knicho, at my hospital they won't do PFTs if you're on antibiotics or for a period afterwards. If you are in pain then you probably won't be capable of performing to your maximum potential but if it's not too bad on the day, then it might be as well to do it and get it out of the way. Good Luck with it.


I'm not on antibiotics but I probably should be! I've been trying to hang on hoping it would go away but I don't think it's going to 😞


Hello Knicho, this must be disappointing for you but you really should tell them what's been happening before you have the lung function tests. Have you been taking your rescue meds? The guidelines say you shouldn't have the tests done for six weeks after finishing them. It takes the lungs a while to recover and you wouldn't get a true reading. It's up to you but you could end up being told that you're worse than you really are.

Hope you feel better soon, Sue


Not what I want to hear! But I agree I am going to have to tell them I suppose! I don't have rescue meds as I've still not been diagnosed properly that hasn't been sorted. As always when I have a flare up I tend to stick my head in sand thinking it will go away and of course it doesn't so I think another gp visit is on the cards 😩

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