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Cough and chest pain

Hello everyone, I am new here!

Well, I've been having a cough for many months. I don't cough a lot but I cough almost every day (sometimes I cough and feel like drowning and going to vomit but I don't) . Plus I have a stuff nose very often and a chest pain (from stress). Sometimes my ribs hurt and I feel a general light pain in my abdomen.Could it be cancer? I am 18 years old. I can go to the hospital in one month because of my final exams and that's why I am asking. Thank you in advance

P.S I am extremely stressed this whole year cause may things happen

I forgot to mention that I have never smoked or anything like that

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Hi I am sorry to hear of your issues. Unfortunately there are no medical professionals on this site, and even if there were you couldn't be diagnosed over the net.

There are many reasons why you could have your symptoms, with lung cancer the least likely especially at your young age. You need to see your doctor for a diagnosis.

I wish you the best.


Of course, I just saw a similar post in which those who replied had similar experiences so I wondered if anyone has the same. Thank you very much though!!

P.S sorry for my English, I am from Greece

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Your English is flawless. What part of Greece are you from?


Thank you very much madam! I live in a small town of the Central Greece.

Greece has many nice places to visit

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Yes I have been to Zante twice and Rhodes once. Loved them both.


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