Hi guys. 4 weeks ago my father died suddenly in hospital at the age of 60... a post mortem was carried out and came back unatural death and now gone to inquest. He went in hospital severly short of.breath and each day got worse and worse untilk he couldnt tolerate the oxygen mask and was put on ventilator... 2 days after that they turned him off. The coroner said they think its asbestosis and sent his tissue away which can take 6 months. They told me to keep the tissue just incase it was and make a claim. Im so angry that my dads life was taken away so suddenly. If it comes back as asbestosis what is the way to go about it. Thank you. Im lost without him......

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I am sorry to hear of your father's death. It sounds like you need to take legal advice.

Sorry for your loss. Very sad. Xxxxx

I would talk or phone a local asbestos surport group as thos loads of asbestos solicitor sharks out there.

Don't let coroner recommend one.

Was your dad not ill befoure he went hospital

Hi Zoe7978 - I'm very sorry to hear of your loss.

I'd just like to echo Jeff's advice here - contact any of the Asbestos Victim Support groups on this website: - contact any of these organisations rather than other ones that may appear if you do a google search.

These asbestos support groups are best placed to find suitable and appropriate advice for you, and are very experienced at handling enquiries around asbestos and claims.

Best wishes,


BLF Helpline

I'm so sorry for you and your family, 60 is far to young. My very sincere condolences. Peege

sorry on your dad,,, 1 st ok do not let the coroner advice u on which law firm to see, 2nd, there is a time line of 3 years which to pursue and find out , if it is abestos were he could have got it, 3 rd on facebook, type in mesowarriors , members on there are very helpful, in good advice, 6 months seems long must have changed the time scale on tests, as once to my knowldge it was 5, 6 weeks, so dont no on that one, anyways go on facebook were a said, had he rapid weight loss and what was his legs like, sorry there but serious question, had he any ulcers, also tell no one of your plans to pursue it, only close family, go on fb to meswarriors,

I am waiting acceptance to join thanks for the mesowarriors heads up.

When I was in ICU in 2008 they kept asking the wife had I worked with asbestos which we did not think we did but I found out in 2012 I was for over 10 years!

Sorry to hear about your dad Definitley look into getting some legal advice take care

Thanks everyone xx

Hi Zoe, so sorry about your Dad. I lost my dad to Asbestosis 40 years ago and the pain is still with me. Was he in a union because this is when you contact them. My dad worked in the same company for most of his life so the claim was as straight forward as these claims get so I hope your dad was not a job hopper as where he contacted the Asbestosis is not easy to prove when there are multiple companies involved. If he wasn't in a union then if you can afford it, a lawyer is the next point of call. Good luck and I hope all goes well for you. Maximonkey

Hi. He worked in 2 building firms local to were i live so wouldnt be that hard to find out where. He wasnt a member of an union unfortunatly. If the inquest comes back as asbestos related which we think will do u no what happens then? Do u get the coroners report and everything. I really dont understand any of it. Thank you

Hi Zoe, I do not remember whether we got the coroners report or whether it was sent straight to the Union solicitor, but we did get to read the report at some point. It was very distressing but if you are going to claim you need to know the facts. In your position I would try and find out if there is a solicitor in your area who handles Asbestosis claims and ask for a free consultation. Many solicitors will give you up to an hour free whilst they hear what your claim will entail. If you cannot get a free consultation ask the Citizens Advice bureau if they have any solicitors who could help with your claim. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Maximonkey

So sorry for your fathers loss Zoe

If asbestosis was the cause visit a solicitor to discuss the issues, If he was in a union maybe the union can offer you the use of a solicitor ? That's what I'm doing and it's taken me 4 years to prove I have asbestosis and have a court date for the back end of the year ( if I manage to last that long ?) but you would not have to wait that long as the results of your dads death will be available. But you must make legal representation as soon as you find out ?

I know you will have so much going on in your head at the moment but you must take a step back and try and have some 'Me' time or you will run yourself into the ground?

Take care and thinking of you at this distressful time


Thank you very much for your reply. Sorry to hear your poorly and hope you get some justice .

Dear Zoe7978 thinking of you after such a terrible loss and especially as it was so unexpected. I agree with others who say you may be wise to seek legal advice.

Take care.

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