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So I went back on Sprivia to see if I would suffer trouble urinating and it came back so it's clearly not for me. Real shame because it was making a real difference to my SOB at rest which is currently my biggest symptom. Was also able to increase my running whilst on it.

So I was wondering what are the alternatives to Sprivia? Are there any that are as effective but won't cause same issues?



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  • There are many alternatives and no one size fits all. The best option is to discuss your particular needs with your GP.

  • I had problems with Spiriva couldn't get it in to my lungs when I had a chest infection they changed it to the Spiriva mist I found this much better and I've had less chest infections but I fear this might have the same effect on you

  • I liked the spiriva mist because just push the button and it does all the work lol no need to inhale. Good to see you again

  • I wonder if we have the same to activate mine I have to twist mine before use. Good to see you hope you are well

  • yes twist and then push the button woosh into your mouth like a blast lol

  • now we are on the same wave length bandit 😎

  • You don't take a deep inhalation when taking it?

  • my inhaler has a button you push and woosh it blasts in your mouth so no I don't have to do any deep inhalations as with other puffers.

  • maybe the dosage was too high, I take 2.5 mcg Spiriva and Breo noticed a huge improvement my Breo is the blue one. No trouble urinating not yet anyway. Good for you running wish I could do that.

  • I don't know what your condition is, but yes there are alternatives to Spiriva, Spiriva is a LAMA, I use a LABA/ LAMA combination inhaler called UltibroBreezehaler made by Novartis. It works for 24 hours, and I think it is pretty good. It is only currently licensed for COPD, however my consultant prescribes it for me with an inhaled steroid add on. I have brittle moderate/ severe asthma and Bronchiectstais.

    Hope this is helpful


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