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Cops and PIP

I feel I am lucky. Been awarded Pip both on help at standard and mobility standard, bit confused as a cops sufferer witch is quiet hard to live with but on the pip letter it didn't mention cops, at my face to face the nurse dismissed copd, don't think this is fair to everyone who is a sufferer but is this a good anoth reason to ask for reconsideration can't make my mind up or just mad that copd is dismissed even taking 3 inhalers for the condition doesn't seem to count, please your advice would be of great help


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PIP is all about the impact of the condition on "normal" life and, I believe, the impact on mobility. If you have been awarded then I would suggest just accepting the situation - any attempt to have the situation reviewed COULD result in a lower award ... or no award at all!

Funnily enough, when I went for a PIP assessment I was due to be assessed for Arthritis but, because I was n the middle of an exacerbation, I arrived half an hour early so that I'd have time to get my breath back ... the nurse invited me straight in and was really concerned about the breathing (it is listed with DWP but not used in the claim) - They increased my award and I still wonder how much that early assessment had!

Seems that generally COPD is not, on it's own, considered something that affects mobility although I'm sure many will have a different experience.

Best wishes


Thanks for your advice think you are right, but having Dla for all those years and you don't get better as you get older, I was under the impression that they had made the decision before face to face when ask to squat I find it impossible to do as I fall forwards she didn't believe me or my wife who was with me I tried nearly fell was bit upset they not supposed to make you do thinks you find difficult ?


Pete. (Yellows)

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The system is disgusting, I was asked to stand on one leg; I refused and explained that I'd fall over if I tried. Kneel and squat - refused again and explained that, if I'd tried, I'd need a week to recover. We had a few things that I simply refused to do BUT always explained why I refused.

The "requests" are said like instructions and, I strongly suspect, many will do their bidding because they've been told to even though they will stagger out, burst into tears, reach for the pain killers and be bedridden for a week!!

I think I was lucky (not that luck should be a part of an assessment) that the nurse took pity because I was really struggling to breath for most of the assessment, it did calm down towards the end, and at over six foot and almost 20 stone some might think slightly intimidating when I stand upright!

Only our stupid leaders could think that lung conditions (and many other issues) will get better - unless it was simply a money saving exercise to help fund MP's expenses ... surely not!!


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