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Hi All

Just a quick question, just got my medication from the pharmacy and noticed my Fostair is a different dose as I had to start it on Sunday couldn't phone the pharmacy first but it's a dosage 100/6 and not the usual 200/6 and this one has a counter on it any one else using the 100/6 this is probably a lower dosage I didn't notice the different micro grams at first just thought they had changed the applicator struggling abit with this one, anyone else come across this. Thanks Pauline X

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"Fostair 200/6 should be used as maintenance therapy only. A lower strength (Fostair 100/6) is available for maintenance and reliever therapy."

Thankyou Pete I was put on 200/6 but a different nurse thinks 100/6 may work but I can feel the difference will continue until I see her again. πŸ™‚

You could take 2 doses which would be 200/12 so you would be taking more of the Formoterol which I find reduces the Ventolin I might need.

It is very similar to the Symbicort SMART regime.

"If you're not sure about the therapy you're on, and how it helps your asthma, speak to one of our asthma nurse specialists on our Helpline on 0300 222 5800 (9am - 5pm; Mon - Fri). "

Hi There

Yes I normally do take 2 doses twice daily morning and late afternoon was advised to take Salamol easi breath in between but Salamol does nothing for me so rarely use it. Have just started with ambulatory oxygen it's my first month no problems just this lower dose now on Fostair slowed me down some, so maybe medication still needs some tweaking. Thank You for your advice I appreciate it. πŸ™‚


Did you notice the dosage on the prescription?

Pharmacy can't change dosage, could be error on part of pharmacy, ring GP to confirm correct medication.

Hi There yes prescription says 100/6 will have to take it up with nurse she visits next week she did make changes to prescription I hadn't realised that that was one of them. I will try the lesser dosage till she next visits she must have had her reasons. Thanks

Have you called your pharmacy yet and what does the pharmacist say? They are experts on drugs so if it is correct they can tell you. I hope you get it sorted.

If you can't get in at your surgery why not ask for a call back?

Hi lilaclil

Yes did phone the pharmacy this morning they said it was 100/6 on prescription as Stone says unless a mistake had been made they can't change the dosage themselves I checked my prescription it said 100/6 and previous ones had said 200/6 just didn't remember the nurse saying when I had my first home visit that she was lowering the dose will check it out with the respiratory Dr shall see him in about ten days time . 😊

The nature of Fostair is that you can raise and lower the dose as you need to. It has a special licence for this - I was told. IE I'm allowed to take two doses at night when necessary and to take an extra dose anytime I'm SOB or wheezy.

I'm loving the new dose counter but I'm going up right now to check the dosage on the pack!

I was given a little booklet when first px Fostair on how to use it. I rarely need ventlin now.

Good luck, Peege

Hi Peege

That's useful information are you on 200/6 or 100/6 maybe the nurse thought that with the help of oxygen now that I didn't need the higher dose. Thanks for the reply. 😊

A new one is 100 - not sure of present one as toddler grandson chewed the end of the little aerosol 😬

I'm seeing respiratory nurse on Thursday so I will check. It seems okay though, I used to be on Seretide 250.

One of the reasons I prefer it to Seretide - it's much more versatile according to the blurb which, for once, I took the trouble to read thoroughly. Like you I hardly ever need ventolin these days - it's a thoroughly good drug in my opinion.

Hello There

Yes I am happy with Fostair as far as inhalers go it did match up to Symbicort which is what I used to take, they started weaning everybody off think it was the more expensive of the two and one of the NHS cost cutting.

just unsure of the lower dosage I will see how I go I see the nurse next week so will bring it up. 😊

Has the number of doses to take changed?

My seretide 250 (now sirdupla) was changed from 1 puff of 250 to 2 puffs of 125. This is to double the salmeterol dose but keep the fluticasone the same.

Even so you should have been told if it was changing.

Hi There

I remember the respiratory nurse saying she was surprised I was on the higher dose 200/6 but didn't remember her saying she was changing it, it is still 2 puffs twice daily just the strength changed to 100/6 but I can feel the difference. I hadn't realised there were two strengths of Fostair I shall mention at my next visit, there was a lot going on I had also just gone onto oxygen so a month of test it and see I am sure we will work it out I just feel it has slowed me down some. Thanks for the reply. πŸ™‚

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