Didn't get my nite out folks😪

Well I got up on the morning and I thought oh great I don't feel too bad today, then up came the mucus but only for an hour so I thought, at 2pm it started coming up on and off till 1am in the morning I've never felt as scared hence panic attacks, my anxiety through the roof now ! Rang my respitory nurse she said try knocking off yor carbocystien capsules so I'm trying that again now damned if I do damned if I don't grrr so fed up with this battle xxx

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  • hope things start to get better soon.

  • Keep going, Carol. You can find a way through this problem. Perhaps you could try looking on YouTube for some videos showing how to do mucus clearance more effectively.

  • If Pete takes the prescribed dose of the carb tablets he brings up mucus all day long. He takes 2 in the morning and the same in the evening, so far so good.

    Hope things improve for you soon. Xxxxx

  • Hi sassy, yes the nurse has told me to lessen my carbocystien caps so I have in the hopes it slows it down but it seems to get stuck then in my gullet and throat I can't seem to win, thanks for your reply xxx

  • Hope you feel better soon! x Moy

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