Sunburnt Bonce

Sunburnt Bonce

Sunburnt Bonce.

I have cut my hair short

but I feel no cold

it's very bristly, just fancy being bald.

If I was in the UK

I know I'd be freezing

Coughing , wheezing farting and sneezing.

But here in the Algarve

that's Portugal you know

There's no frost or fog

and we never see snow.

So my head stays rosy

Keeps lovely and warm

No need for tea cosy

It'll come to no harm.

But one thing to be wary

and that is the sun

even in winter


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Excellent Chris. Xxxx

Thanks sassy,are you well?

Not bad thanks Chris. Keeping on top of things. Hope you are keeping well. Xxxx

Struggling with horrible smelling mucus at the moment.

That's not nice Chris. Hope things improve very soon. You take care xxxx

:D :D Nice to see you Chris. I hope you are staying well?

Ooooh that looks sore, not much fun at all. Good rhyme though!

That made me chuckle. Thank you. But it does look awfully sore as well. xx

Glad you are doing okay Chris not having a cold spring as we stay at homes are Keep smiling


Hello, lovely to hear from you and glad you're having a warm time - don't stint on the factor 30!

Have you had a good winter down there? Peege

Brilliant. Wish I was in the Algarve right now. It's quite cool and very grey here in Birmingham.


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