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Fluid in lung, causes??

Hi everyone, I'm asking this question as I'm worried about my dad... he's had 2 lots of pneumonia over the past 2 years, and the last one he had sepsis too back in September, he beat that but it did leave him with an irregular heartbeat,. Which he now takes medication to thin the blood more... he's also been diagnosed with copd 18months ago. He's pretty well in himself but since the sepsis his breathing got worse? He's fine when he's resting but gets breathless when walking or going upstairs...he went back to the doctors a few weeks back who sent him for a chest X-ray which showed some fluid in the lower part of his lung, they gave him antibiotics and he's got to go for a follow up ct scan next week... he had a sputum test which came back fine, also his blood tests came back ok for his liver and kidneys but something showed up regarding inflammation? Has anyone experienced something similar? He's worrying himself about cancer, and ive googled way too much, any advise would be greatly appreciated? Many thanks a very worried daughter

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The Doctors would have been looking for inflammatory markers. A common one they use is CReactive protein or CRP. These blood tests can mean a number of things if they come back high. Mine were due to infection which did cause some fluid to build up on my lungs. The CT scan next week will give a more definitive answer. Please keep away from Google. Taken in isolation blood results mean nothing they form only a part of making a diagnosis. It's natural to worry but guessing on a few results makes it worse. Please let us know how he gets on.


Thanks for your reply, that's comforted me a little thank you, did they drain your lung? I'm assuming as they have left my dad 6 weeks in between X-ray and ct scan he can't have much there maybe? He has had a course of antibiotics after the last X-ray so I'm hoping it's just an infection too xxx


No they did not drain it. It went on it own. There are a number of causes for fluid on the lung I think in this case your Doctor is being careful to eliminate all causes by giving him a CT scan. Obviously if there had been a great amount of fluid your father would have been given treatment so I think you are correct in thinking that there is not a great amount. Hopefully you will both get answers soon.

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I'm at risk of pneumonia too. I'm supposed to use a thickener with all fluid intakes to reduce the risk of fluid entering the lungs. Can't remember the name of it (I opted out) but the dieticians at the hospital will know the best ones.


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