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Hi, I am not new to COPD but just thought it meant I was prone to chest infections and had asthma. Had a spirometry 10 years ago said COPD can't remember if they said a stage, suggested PR, stop smoke nurse, was 44, smoked, still did not click to the severity. Had another spirometry 3 years ago severe COPD 42%, did not attend appointments/or cancelled by surgery and I did not rebook. over the next 3 years, had a few infections resolved with rescue meds. March this year chest infection worse than any other, 3 lots of AB and steroids, finally the realisation how ignorant I had been and Googled. Panic and anxiety since, meds prescribed, spirometry booked. Can't believe how stupid I have been. No appetite, lost weight, changed cigs to vape for last 6 weeks, know I must exercise but panic attacks plus plus. On 3 inhalers, sats average 97%, not particularly breathless unless exercise but have increasingly planned my day around not having to walk far.

Just decided to post as found this group and everyone sounds lovely.

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The last ten years have gone, start with a clean sheet and move on from there.

Stopping smoking is a good start, also avoid any second hand smoke a noxious fumes.

Sort a diet that's suits you, if bronchitis avoid processed foods and be aware dairy products may increase mucus production.

If emphysema avoid any triggers, aerosols, air fresheners Air Wick particular bad. Smoke and fumes as mentioned before.

Being recommended to pulmonary rehablitation will ease you into a exercise regime tailored to your capabilities, and educate you on the condition, medication and pit falls to avoid.

Yes, we are lovely 😊! Welcome. Please don't beat yourself up about the past. There is nothing that can be done about that. As Stone says you are here and now. There are very many here who have been through exactly what you have, including the self-recrimination. New start. And you will have shed loads of help and support.

All the best


Hi. hope you have resigned yourself to the fact that you must start now to look after yourself. I have been on three inhalers from the start. I have never been told how bad it is. I just keep busy and do what i can when i can. I never knew what to avoid till Stone-uk put them on your reply.I just know that when it warms up I get short of breath and dont do anything if i can help it. Certain things i have to do like cooking so someone will do shopping or i will do it on line. Try to keep as fit as you can and sort a diet out.

Hugs to you. XXX


Hello Hydragena66 . As Katinka says please don't be berating yourself about what has passed. Do visit this forum often. It's such a great place to get and give support. I do look forward to hearing how you get on. Have a good weekend.

Cas xx 🌺

ten years for the penny to drop, we must be related 🤔

Ah it's difficult when you know and kind of ignore it (I did the same thing had it for a few years and knew of it but did nothing) ....i was diagnosed jan this year stopped the cigs same day and have flipped everything around from smoking couch potatoe to regime of exercises proper diet and vaping like you.. don't Google it will curl your hair lol take each day as it comes you have done wonders with the cigs and stopping so start afresh and plan your day around gentle walking fresh air and exercises when you can ...take your meds see your GP and get referred for another PR class doing mine now and there good ....dont get down on yourself or try not to ...its all about how you deal with it and 6 months ago I was still ignoring warning signs but that's how we are in life I haven't looked back and only do what you can good luck with things xxx get exercise advice from GP or rehab team

Just a footnote to the advice already given - don't try to avoid walking, it's one of the best forms of exercise you can do, if not the best. At my PR class we're told not to avoid doing things 'because they make us breathless' but to do as much as we're able to do in spite of becoming breathless. Obviously we aren't expected to put ourselves at risk but the less we do, the less able we're likely to become so we're encouraged to push ourselves gently, taking short breaks when necessary rather than trying and then giving up too soon. Even walking just a yard or two further every week or so is progress. Please don't google - that's guaranteed to cause panic, as far as possible carry on as were doing before you realised that you needed to take more care of yourself, and if you weren't panicking then - well, there's no reason for you to panic now is there. Wishing you well.

Very good advice from Magpuss. Copd really is a use it or lose it. Keep walking and aim to get breathless (assuming this is ok with your GP) several times a day. Try to be pleased with yourself when you become breathless as you will be becoming fitter in the process.

Guilt is such a waste of time, but everybody has wasted time in that way at some time. It sounds to me as if you didn't get much help to understand everything in the first place, and your GP could have been more proactive. Since my husband had his diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer last year I have really become aware of how much more proactive and sympathetic the care is, for which we were both glad, but I wish other serious diseases were followed up in the same way, especially when you know that they are only treating the symptoms. You have done really well so far, so don't look back, today is the beginning of your new life, and you are going to do brilliantly. Btw my husband is fine! All the best xx

Hi there, welcome to the site. You are not alone many people are not aware of what COPD is. Most of us panic if you check on line. I don't walk as much as I used to , in fact when first diagnosed in 2009 I could not walk due to symptoms. Now my walking is impaired by multi problems not related to COPD. Keep up with the inhalers they will help you keep fairly fit and do try to avoid smoking and smoky atmospheres. If you only have COPD then exercise will help, but don't overdo it, usually exrecise is only suggested for those whose illness is stable or after a flare of symptoms. Hope to speak to you again once you are offer the initial shock . Best wishes with quitting cigs.

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